Saturday, 18 May 2019

A sad day

Often we post photos of how puppies and dogs are getting on well but sometimes it isn't all good news and this afternoon we heard from some owners that Roxy had passed away She would soon have been 8 . It is surprising what a large gap it can leave in people s lives when they have their pet pass. Sometimes it takes a long time before they feel they can replace it .
We had never lost one young until we lost Quozzi -when she was 3. Of all our dogs she was the one we thought the most about. We hand reared her and she lived despite the vet not really giving any hope for her.It is years ago now but we never forget her. Daffodils comes up in Spring where she is buried  and dandelions in Summer and when it gets to winter we think of all the days picking up she is missing .  The first photo is her squashed in with some pups born at the same time as she was .The last photo was her proudest when she retrieved her first pheasant.


  1. So sorry to hear the sad news about Roxy she must have been one of our Kassie's sisters as she was from the same litter born on 5th June 2011. My heartfelt wishes go out to Roy's family xx