Thursday 28 January 2010

Send the cavalry in....

Took Hamish out in the morning to see how he is shaping up for a peg dog for next season.His sire is Billy Steel snrs'FTCH Leadburn Viceroy and his dam is FTW Dark Secret Milly.He is a fine dog and takes everything in his stride. At 18 months old he is still learning but with such excellent parentage will have a lot to live up to. Hamish was the only dog I had out,but it was clear to see there was not enough dogs to flush the pheasants. I went back home to get a handful of dogs. Anna took Hamish as I want him to get to know what it is all about to be a peg dog. As you know Quozzi is always in the front of a photo but this time she got caught out as she goes ahead but this photo caught us from behind .You can see Quozzi in the left sniffing out a hedge back at the rear of the 3rd photo. It has been another busy week as May had her pups starting at 3am the other morning.She is a fine mother and the pups are doing well.She is dining on chicken which seems to be her favourite meal at the moment. Sorry to hear Mark Faulkner has broken his ankle but knowing Mark it wont stop him missing the last days of the season.

Saturday 16 January 2010

A Snowy day with the dogs and below My mate Geoff

It is always good to spend time with Geoff -my best mate -this is usually socializing down in the local pub but here you see Geoff with his dog enjoying himself on the shoot between drives . I prefer to work the dogs and this cold weather it also has being a better option of keeping warm. The dogs don't seem to have suffered by the cold weather and Quozzi is often sat out waiting when I go down in the snow to come out of her kennel as keen and ready to go as ever.

A puppy goes to the Netherlands

I cant believe I am getting so known and now one of our Labrador pups is going to the Netherlands. As we have never had one go straight from here abroad before there are all sort of regulations we have to go through. The Kennel Club was the first port of call who referred us to DEFRA who in turn sent us to our vet. The information we collected along the way was very misleading so after a wasted morning Anna started again ringing different departments . We are now sorted but for anyone in the same position as us I would recommend you double check everything that is told to you . Also set out to do this in good time as forms are to fill in and one thing the charges have gone up on with the Kennel Club and it can waste time if the papers are sent to and fro .With the help from the buyer in Holland we were able to ascertain what is need and not by both the Dutch and French government and fingers and paws crossed the pup will have a straightforward journey.