Sunday 8 May 2022

Sunday afternoon

There is something about relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and it is no different for the dogs.When they are working they have the day off and just like us look forward or not to what lies ahead. But when you see how keen to jump into Jacks pickup you can only think they cant wait to get going . Sunday espcially on a day like today when the sun is shining and the grass is lush ,the birds are singing and all is right with the world. They all do their own thing .You will see how the cockers are up there jumping on to Jacks knee time and time again .Minty likes to play fight with anyone who will give her the time of day and see how she bobs under the Labradors on more than one occasion. Finn sits up the hill side watching his family enjoying the sunshine and letting the others get on with it .A little grey "round the gills" now but he is out there and knows the routine ... playtime,"Beck time" when they get for a drink and a splash about in the stream .-Jack dammed it up a long time ago and it certainly freshens them up, then it is home time. He is usually the last one out of the field and the first one into his kennel.For some reason that Anna doesn't know Tilly always makes a bee-line to her for that extra pat and as they move off she returns to make sure she too is following the pack. So now the dogs are fed,watered and settled down for the night. Again they all have their own pattern as while washing up their bowls and having a sweep up you look through the window and see some dogs are ready for bed and gone into their kennels .Others sit out to get the last rays of the sun.... nodding off. Another day over. Tomorrow is another day .