Thursday 12 November 2015

When the tough get going

There is a saying we often recite "When the going gets tough ,the tough get going" Today was one of those days . Jack picks up at Rievaulx and is often seen out with a team of dogs. As it was the funeral of a local lady today a lot of the local staff wanted to attend. Jack was the only one the shoot could call on to pick up. So off he went with a few extra dogs. He counted 15 out and 15 safely home again tonight. The day fortunately although windy was more or less dry and the sun shone. The bag was 350+ and thanks to the Team Cuckavalda they got them. Those hills are steep and I guess the guns would be impressed today at how one man and his dogs worked. After dogs were feed and bedded down for the night ,Jack went for a few pints and it wasn't long before he was in bed too.Tomorrow will be here sooner than later and it will be back in action for most of them tomorrow.