Monday 20 August 2012

Spitfire,fireworks and good company...

Perfect weather and a perfect setting, we have to thank Rachael and Tom for inviting us to share their picnic. Castle Howard on Saturday evening for Last Night of the Proms. Even the sky looked to have been painted bright blue and pink for the occasion. Some even dressed up -the ladies had really gone to town. We felt sorry for the man dressed in shooting attire who thought he looked very dapper.Obviously he
had never worn breeks before. They were skin tight and would have been more at home as Travolta in Grease.Lots of food and drink were consumed and a good night was had by all. William and his little friend both 3 were still full of energy when the finale fireworks lit up the sky.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Labrador pups in the game crop

Our Labrador pups are out and about and here they are taking a run in a game crop. They had their first injection yesterday at Skeldale vets and all travelled well in the back of the pickup.

Mrs Peabody

No dog will ever take Quozzi's place but here we have Mrs Pea
body .This is Quozzi's niece ,George is her father as you will see she has inherited his colouring and Pip is her mother. She lives near the house and kitchen door so she gets extras, a sausage or egg that maybe left from breakfast time. She has started going out with the big dogs in the field and is very much a character.She takes the limelight from her brother who was registered Cuckavalda Snipe and has taken on the name of Mr Peabody .So confusing this name lark. Fam de Peabody are not for sale.

Wednesday 1 August 2012


When we have a litter of pups we like them to get out and about as much as they can. Jack takes the up the field and they love it. An added bonus when the sun is shining. They hunt head down and are now starting to venture up the hillside into the wood.One eggs another on. A bit of rough and tumble here as they come galloping down the field and back for a feed. This is repeated at least 4 times a day.