Sunday 30 June 2013

Grand dogs

Here are some of the Team getting ready for the coming season . Less than 2 months now and the dogs will be out on the grouse moor. Some of the older girls are now retiring . Always made a striking picture did the three fox red girls-Time,Willow and may. Their offspring are now going to be taking up the challenging of the shooting season.

May and Willow go to the seaside

Anna was determined to take Willow and May to the seaside. May was due to go to her new home as she has now retired from the shooting field .After 5 hard seasons picking up she is going to live a life of luxury in the village at Tina and Stuart's house. Off the three of them set to Sandsend. The dogs quite enjoyed their ride over the Moors. I think they thought they were off for a day's work on the grouse moors.Their ears were pricked and taking it all in. Then nipping through Whitby was not quite so impressive for them so they laid down and went to sleep. Soon the boot lid was lifted and May and Willow saw the sea for the first time. Why Anna thought they would like it I don't know. I suppose the dogs who live in towns like the sea but my dogs are happy enough to stay in the countryside. Here are a few photos of the girls by the sea. They were not impressed of the waves. ready for home they called at the Magpie in Whitby to bring a couple of seafood platters back for Monday lunch. Unfortunately missing a photo opportunity outside waiting for the fish to come .Otherwise the title might have been Quality dogs know where to find quality fish. They liked the attention they got from passers-by as they wait patiently.