Sunday 31 October 2010

Carters Country Ware in Helmsley...

comes to the rescue. Remember the song - and now we've walked one thousands miles. I guess my socks have walked more than that. I hate change and so it was with deep sadness that I had to give up the ghost of the old socks and am wearing a new pair of shooting socks which Anna got from Jeremy Carter's for me ages ago. Not that there is anything wrong with the new ones -they are very comfortable. Shame the old ones have got such large holes in, they barely resembled socks any more. They haven't finished their life yet as I have tied knots in them and have given them to the chocolate cocker pups to play with. A good pair of socks are hard to find.

Friday 29 October 2010

Quozzi goes missing...

I don't let all the dogs out on every drive and although I take a list with me each day of who I have with me. Some dogs alternate drives with others so they are not working all day and every day as the season gets into full swing. As we went from the first drive this morning I didn't count the dogs back into the vehicle and after the 4th drive around 2pm found Quozzi to be missing.
She must have headed out late on the scent of a downed pheasant and hadn't come back to the vehicle. What a sickening feeling it was as I headed back to where I had parked up on the first drive. Three hours that little dog had been waiting by herself. I dreaded that she had gone out on to the road and got run over. There she was waiting where she had jumped out of the vehicle at 10am .She had the sense to wait . I don't know who was the most pleased -her to see me or me to see her. She is safe and sound and that is all that matters.When we got home and we headed to the kennels she certainly wasn't lagging behind and kept close to my side. We dont want another day like today either of us

Monday 25 October 2010

Tara- Cuckavalda Touch of Gold...

This young bitch is a pleasure to have and although I do not want to waste her picking up, I want her to know what it is all about and for her to get used to the noise of the guns. She was quite happy to travel in the back with the other dogs and just go for the ride out. She did work on one drive. Her sister Hidi was out the other day and both her and Rollo cleared 2 strands of barbed wire waist high,with no pig wire underneath This is everyone's dread that they get caught up in the wire or don't clear it . I think they will have to have a bit more schooling before they go out again. Both came home unscathed but it could have been a very different story.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Apple Lovers

We have lots of fruit trees and it has been a really good time for apples this year. The dogs love to go pinching the apples. It started first this year with Rollo clearing the fence to get one Three or four times when he was exercising would he go off returning with an apple.Soon the other dogs caught on to what he was doing and here you see them going off to get their apples

Friday 1 October 2010

Ocober 1st - the weather forecast...

There was no need for a weather forecast from the powers that be this morning as soon as I woke up I could hear the rain lashing against the window. It was still dark and it was blowing a gale. There was a partridge shoot at Newburgh today so it was crack on..... Talk about the rain in Spain ,it was the rain in North Yorkshire. It was a long day and I was glad to get the dogs home and fed. Peel the layers of wet clothes off and jump in the bath. Its a good job we have an Aga to get everything dry.Even the dogs strings in my pocket hadn't escaped the rain.