Tuesday 21 September 2010

A partridge day at Newburgh Priory

For those who don't go picking up this will look as if the dogs are having their own game of hide and seek. Here you see cockers and springers working together after a drive on the Newburgh Priory Estate partridge shoot which is just a few miles from our home. The weather is remarkable mild for the time of year but already the days are starting to draw in. It is always dark in the mornings when I start around 4.30am and after a long day- which is on the grouse moor- it is dark when I get finish.Another month and the clocks will be changing. The pheasants are starting to stray away more from their release pens now.They are getting their feathers more now as it wont be long before the pheasant shooting starts -this means hard working days for the dogs but they build up their muscles and stamina as by the end of the season a good sized cock pheasant will weigh a good four and a half pound.