Friday 26 February 2021

Our #FridayFavourites as we wave goodbye to them all now .

They were delightful to watch them grow but we cant keep them all so they have now gone to their new homes. Cocoker spaniels are little children all their lives ,they never seem to grow old. Do they grow wiser we ask. They are the happiest little dogs and their tails never stop wagging.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Do you have a book in you.... or for me looking forward to cooking breakfasts again.

When I first poked my nose out of the door this morning, the wind was so warm
. The thought was the Caribbean Trade Winds. Then the reality was I was in North Yorkshire and what a nice morning it is. Jack had already been up two hours ahead of me. So another chapter to the book as he was actually the pirate. Oh dear what this lockdown is doing.I must have been still half asleep. Dorthy the cat flew out of the door as I opened it ,so quickly she could have been the parrot. Reality was I was just up by 6am to get Jack his breakfast. I listen to Bojo give his statement of how lockdown is hopefully going to unfold. 17th May looks like D Day for the Bed and Breakfast providers which includes us. We are so looking forward to welcoming guests again. With the amazing surroundings we have and have explored this last year which we are happy to share with you when you stay with us ,there is now even more reason to stay with us on your stay in North Yorkshire .

Friday 19 February 2021

Friday Favourite

This young lady is 2 in April and looks so happy, she looks as if she is smiling . Her owners reminded us that when she was a puppy Jack had called her the happy pup and so it is nice to see she is still like that today. Such a loving dog with our 2 young girls. We had her out in deep snow last Saturday then on the beach Monday. She is a stunning athletic dog who always turns heads! Hope you are all well - we may be back for another some day. She is this weeks #FridayFavourite