Friday 9 October 2020

#Friday Favourite - Autumn

 Well the pheasant season is under way and Jack has been out there with his dogs.

 Can't believe a year ago it was certainly a different time for him .We need to remember how our health is so important and thank the staff at Malton and York hospitals for bringing him back to life . It was touch and go for him as he had 3 drips in his arm ,on oxygen and with a fan to regulate his temperature.  He had sepsis but he really thinks he was the first one to have Covid as the damage that was done to him is very similar to Covid. 

Hoping to post a #FridayFavourite weekly  Here you see one man and his dog who are out there going shooting wild geese. .The Autumnal colours are certainly at their best. Bet it was pretty raw out there too but it just shows when you are doing something you love you don't feel the cold so much