Tuesday 12 April 2022

Tragically and more..... Kindnesses from people we didn't even know

You may well remember seeing a post we put up on Facebook back in the middle of February and since then life has been little more than a blur. This is what it said "It is with a heavy heart, we would like you to know . Cuckavalda Gundogs have had a tragic accident around 4pm yesterday . A tree blow down taking a powerline of 11k vol with it which fell on the kennel block which electrified the runs. Unfortunately 13 dogs lost their lives. A full investigation is underway by Northern Power Grid . [That is what they said on the day] Jack ,Anna and Tom would like to thank everyone who have shown their concern and given help. And to Grace Lane Vets for coming out . At this time there is so much to do and things to sort so we ask that you do not telephone . This photo was taken only last week and very few of the black Labradors are still with us . There will not be a #FridayFavourite this week as we remember Cockers Troy Olive Labradors Guy, Goldie, Port, Dill, Dora, Rick, Cora, Polly, Tilly, Ivy and Rose RIP you beautiful creatures - all taken far too young - Aged between 7 months and 6 years" We are now into April and only last week on the 8th Friday did Northern Powergrid send 15 men out to fell 19 trees which had been looked at in Jan 2021.Then it had been deemed too dangerous to take down without having the power disconnected. Had this been done earlier we would still have had our beautiful dogs. Another factor was that the trip did not trip off. This meant that the wire was still live and endangering the dogs who were still living. Jack was very heroic, and himself very lucky he did not die along with the dogs. He got a pitch fork which had metal tines and stabbed them into a 5 litre container, the sort you get car wash fluid in. He then lifted the live cable, which was still carrying 11k volts, above his head for over 30 minutes until Anna went down the village and brought Kevin the elctrician back. He had just been in hospital and was on crutches, but he came down. He suggested we got a dry tyre and lay it on the metal run to earth the power.Jack carefully slid the plastic container and the pitch fork on to the tyre so he could step away from it. The container was about 14 inches across and as it was so windy was only about 2 inches from been blown off as he had managed under us saying tilt it that way a bit, not the other etc into the middle but the weather was against us. There were sparks and flames jumping across the yard and it was a very scary time. There has been many nights of unbroken sleep and plates of food uneaten as we try to come to terms with what has happened . We have been comforted by acts and words of kindness . Over 56k comments which came in so quickly from all over the world Anna couldnt keep up to thank people of which there was over 4 millions viewing on Facebook alone. The computer basically locked up. Flowers came in from all around the globe and cards and letters. Offers or help and suport have helped so much. It was approx 8 weeks from the accident to when the trees got took out so the dogs we had left had to be in temporary accommodation. They all adapted well and give Jack a reason to get up in the mornings. You can read on Cuckavalda Facebook page what has been happening since that fateful day but we sincerley hope our future posts will be more upbeat. Minty has been a God's send as she is Jacks shadow and trot after him. They have deep conversations you wouldnt believe !