Sunday 9 December 2012

Charlie and Peg

Charlie was the first gundog Jack owned and our last springer spaniel.Peg was always a favourite of Jack's - the little black cocker and a character bigger than herself. She started going to work when she was 10 months old. Jack said she was no bigger or weighed any more than a good sized cat. But what a little worker she was. By the end of her first season she had built up muscles like Tyson and battled to carry a cock pheasant but battle she did. Peg was a great climber or should we say scaler of wire .She had to have a top of her kennel as she could scale 6 foot in high and more with no problem at all. She would have been 6 in November. As , much as it was a wrench for Jack to part with them but more so her. Over the years everyone loved Peg and all want to take her home. She would have probably worked until she dropped as Charlie would have too but he was even older than Peg. She when we heard the Kings had lost their two cocker within 3 months of each other . They were the original Pennys - black cockers which we had given then 6 years before ..and had reached the ripe odd age of 12 it was decided their would be no better home for them.

Christmas Chocolate cocker puppies

We are looking forward to Christmas as Coco our chocolate cocker spaniel will be having her 2nd litter of pups. Hopefully the pups will arrive safely between Christmas and the New Year. IF they are not all chocolate ones there should be some bonny pups as George who is lemon roan is the sire. Coco went picking up at the beginning of the season but is now on maternity leave. She is very laid back and takes everything in her stride. George is still having a busy time as the shooting season is in full swing. Every day you can hear volleys of gunshot all around the surrounding estates