Sunday 11 December 2011

They have arrived safely

For everyone who is waiting to see what puppies we have got. Here they are arriving late Thursday night early Friday morning. They are all healthy and content.Mother is doing fine and is very proud of them. Have rung to pass on the news to Catherine and Billy Steel snr owners of the sire FTCH Leadburn Viceroy who once again has produced some fine pups.. There is 5 girls and 2 boys. We are going to keep two girls. Although we havent chosen which 2 we are keeping yet, their names will be Holly and Ivy. Quite appropriate for the time of year. It was a very frosty night,the grass was hard and white. The moon was more or less full and it all made for a magical night.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Brendan Kelly and his black Labradors

We had the pleasure of Brendan Kelly with us today on a shoot. Brendan with his black Labradors. So when he changed over at lunchtime with yet another perfectly behaved black dog Anna didn't realise it was a different one to what he had out in the morning. To think Brendan hadn't picked up a gun for a long time he had some excellent shoots and didn't let his dogs down. It was nice to see the 10 month old dog that we had sold him. In the last 4 months he has certainly grown into a big handsome dog.He is by FTCH Leadburn Viceroy.

Update on Fox red Labrador pups

Not into taking too many photos of the pups.The flash makes them look a lot lighter than what they are . In fact we have never had such a dark fox red litter Here you see our month old fox red Labrador pups starting to explore. They are eating like good ones now and Jack is thinking it is time they were going out a bit more.At the weekend he will start to walk them out. By the time these pups are ready for going they will be walked about 200 yards down the road 3-4 times a day. We have a radio in with them I don't think they have a favourite tune but it gets them ready for when they go to their new homes and the big wide world.

Saturday 5 November 2011

We are absolutely delighted....

for Billy and Catherine Steel from Leadburn Kennels on Billy achievement today.Early this afternoon we heard that Billy Steel snr had made his young fox red dog Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn into a FTCH. It was at the Tay Valley 2 day event in which there were still 12 dogs in on the second day. Now for us mere mortals if we could ever get one dog to be a FTCH that would be a dream come true. Now this man can be called no less than a legend as he has made up an unbelievable 10 FTCHs now.This is sheer dedication not only from himself but from dear Catherine his wife who keeps the rest of the dogs in top form at home when he is away trialing.After the fireworks have died down and the celebrations have finished we hope they sleep well in their beds tonight. Paddy has actually qualified for the IGLs twice. Anna asked if he qualified twice -can he run twice but it doesn't work like that. These are to be held on the 5, 6, 7, Dec on the Nevill Holt Estate in Leics by kind permission of D. Ross Esq. So lets hope Catherine has a bit more silver to polish. The trophies here are from when Paddy qualified the first time . Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn stands at stud at Leadburn Kennels in Leadhills ,

Monday 31 October 2011

Cuckavalda Gundogs on Dallowgill Grouse Moors 2011

The shooting season begins with the grouse on the 12th August -better known as the Glorious Twelfth. If the weather is good and the heather is out, glorious it certainly is. Although I take cockers to the moor it is the Labradors that work tirelessly all day. You have to be a crack shot to shoot a grouse as they travel so fast. here you see the dogs working and resting on the Dallowgill Moors near Pateley Bridge in the heart of the North Yorkshire Dales

Monday 5 September 2011

Finn and Blade

Here you see Finn and Blade waiting up amongst the heather on the Dallowgill grouse moors. Both of these fine looking dogs are by Billy Steels snr - FTCH Leadburn Viceroy.Blade was born in Jan 2010 and Finn in April 2010. This is their first year of experiencing going picking up and they are really enjoying themselves and as you would expect are behaving like first class labradors should.

The Partridges and Ducks are now in season

The first of September was the beginning of the partridge and duck season. The Cuckavalda Gundogs were out on the first two days up on the Rievaulx shoot. This shoot is renown for high birds and this year it is no exception. The dogs had to work hard sweeping up and down the hillsides.Here you see May and Tina watching the shooting and waiting to get given the go ahead to go and pick the birds up. Bet they were glad to have a rest on Sunday.

Monday 29 August 2011

Back on the Dallowgill Grouse Moors

Monday being the Bank Holiday most people have any easy day . Not so for Jack and his dogs.Up without an alarm at 4.10am as there were the rest of the dogs to exercise before setting off for the Moor. The youngster left at home needed feeding and a small amount for the workers. they don't go to work on eggs but need something in their stomachs when they are working the grouse moors all day . Off from here about 7.45am and back by 6.15pm made it quite a long day .We will all be sleeping well tonight. The bag was not as large as it sometimes is as the birds were flying fast and the guns didn't seem to be able to hit them . Four Labradors- Tara,Hidi,Blade and Rollo went along with Troy and George the cockers and Charlie the veteran of them all - the springer spaniel. The heather was a picture and the day was pleasant. It can be very harsh conditions up on the Moor but today it made for a pleasant day. Back home Anna had had the other dogs out and exercised and pups feed. Roast lamb and Yorkshire puddings to fill a hungry man.So off to bed now as it all starts over again in 7 hours time

Monday 1 August 2011

Bess goes to her new home

Bess, one of our Labradors has gone off to her new home today. She has worked hard over the last couple of years on the grouse moors Then later on picking up pheasants and partridges as the seasons progressed.She has had 2 litters of pups and we don't want her to have any more pups. One of her pups went to Holland and one went to the North of Scotland to be trained for field trialing. She has now gone to friends near Skipton where she will have a wonderful life living in their house. As Chris does a bit of shooting she will get to have the occasionally day out there showing everyone how it should be done. We occasionally have dogs we give away like Bess,free to good homes where all we ask is that they have a lovely life-to be loved and well looked after. Not to have to go to work every day in the season or to have any more pups. We are careful to choose where they go. As they have given us their best so we want the best for them. Sally,a cocker,is going to Suffolk next week to join Penny who went a couple of years ago.

Saturday 30 July 2011

Laid back Labradors

I am a great believer that young dogs should not be over excited. I don't like to start training them until they are nearly a year old. Here you see our young dogs laid out enjoying the sunshine and having the space to just chill out. Not everyone has the space to have more than one but here you can see how much they relish this time being with their siblings

Optigen tested for PRA.

As you will probably know more and more buyers are now looking for Optigen PRA clear dogs. We have just had May and Tina -our 2 fox red girls tested. We are delighted that their tests have come back clear.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Cocker Pups at 4 weeks

These little cockers are starting to explore. It is surprising how they come on in a week. People who have left deposits when they are very young usually make one or two trip if they have time to come to see how they are developing. Daisy is quite happy to be away from hem for a short time now. They are all penned in so they cant get into the pond or under car wheels.You can spend ages watching them as they play together with their siblings . This si all part of growing up and if people sell them too early they miss all this.A week ina pups life as young as this is a long time. People say they cant wait to get their pps but we are not swayed and tehy stay here until we think they are ready to go it alone. As they get older we move them into big space which is near the kitchen window and love to watch their antics. We do honour peoples holidays which often means they are a little more than a bundle of fluff when tehy go .

BATA ,Helmsley

Not that I like shopping one bit but this is a store which I don't mind going to. Young Alec Snowball works there and is on hand to get you what you need. Not only does he know who you are but he serves you with a smile. He will even put it into your vehicle for you -you don't get that from the supermarkets. This store sells everything the country person needs. We get shavings for the dogs and orphan lambs milk for the younger ones. They sell wormers and sprays to keep ticks and mite off. Wooden posts and railings also wire for making dog runs etc. Their stock is endless.Whether you want a pair of wellingtons or a rat trap you can get them here.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tucking In....

This is the first time that these Labrador pups have been introduced to food .Weetabix and orphan lamb milk was on the menu for their first feed. They are incredibly forward as they are only 16 days old . There eyes are open and today 2 had wandered out of the kennel into the sunshine in their run. We do not want Bess ,their mother,to get dragged down so went in with some sloppy food to see what they thought of it. You can tell they are Labradors as they were soon happy to be tucking in. We have just registered 10 names on the Kennel Club website so that their papers will be in good time for when they go to their new homes. Each pup will come with the Cuckavalda prefix. Anna has chosen Cuckavalda Jilly June for the girl we are keeping . She will be called Jill which is a easy name to remember and say. June was added in the name as she was born in June. We are also keeping a dog pup but have a choice of 5 names to go at.

Monday 20 June 2011

Cocker pups with French bread.

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After yesterdays lunch we had lots of food left. Nothing has gone to waste but the French sticks had gone hard so something for the young pups to play with. They were light enough in weight for them to carry around. But soon they decided it was more fun to eat them. We still have these pups here as although they are spoken for and named their new owners cant have them for a week or two .SO we are having the pleasure of watching them get up to their antics. Now they are laid flat out asleep enjoying the sunshine. Ollie is going to live near Leeds to a lady whose daughter bought one from us last year.Monty to Marton near Borobridge as their friedns have oneof our too. Harry will be going a bit further away to Staffordshire. Just realised this has not up loaded as a video. You can watch it on Youtube under TheCuckavaldaGundogs.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Fathers Day...

I might have known that Quozzi would have organised getting a card signed from all the dogs. Quozzi being the pup we hand reared and she thinks she is more human than a human and certainly does not think of herself as a dog. Also presents in an appropriate dog bag -even though it was a Jack Russell. Someone had been busy shopping with my hard earned money shopping at Barkers in Northallerton . So I am now the owner of a new shirt and 2 pairs of new trousers.
A busy Sunday as we had a family gathering here to meet up with Maria "Big Ann" and George Oxtoby from Dalton near Thirsk. When I along with Ann and Frank were small she looked after us and it was so nice to see her after all these years. As always Anna put on a spread to feed an army. Family gathering - plenty to eat,plenty to drink and no one fell out so we all had a good time.

Thursday 16 June 2011

One man and his young dogs

Jack with his young Labradors aged between 5 months and a year old. As you will see they have their noses down and hunting around. It is good for them to go over different terrain and experience new things. They don't stray too far and easy to say and handle. They will be ready to go picking up later in the season. Some of these young dogs are for sale.They are very well breed mostly by FTCH Leadburn Viceroy. They have just done basis training so far and some have only been on a lead a couple of time. Jack believes they should have a easy time until they get a bit older and that they enjoy their puppy life. It makes for them being very laid back dogs.They are all dogs and Leadburn Mabel is the only bitch amongst them. Anyone who is fancying the idea of trialling these are ideal material.
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There is a YouTube for you to see about this morning under Cuckavalda Gundogs.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Coco- the perfect mother

Although Coco is over 4 and these are her first pups she is the perfect mother . Maybe her offspring don't think so as she is always washing them and tidying them up. They are tiny compared to the other cocker pups who are a week older. It is hard for people wanting to come to choose a pup to have to wait a week but we are determined to try to give these little dogs the best possible start to their lives. A week in their life time means a lot in the time they spend without outside intrusions into their lives. Most people understand this and are happy to wait to see them when we think they can ready. Some people cant wait,that is their lose. Maybe such people aren't fit to own a dog in any case.

Daisy and her brood

Daisy's little cocker pups are doing equally as well as the young Labradors although they are now 2 weeks old and people will be coming at the end of the week to see their puppies for the first time. By then they will have their eyes open and be crawling about more.After 3 days of their eyes being open they will then be able to focus.Their hearing will come too until that happen they are deaf to any noise around them. During the day if it is hot outside they do not need a light over them and they seem quite happy as Daisy joins Bess and Coco for a mothers meeting in the sunshine.

What a difference a week make

Time flies and it is now a week since Bess had her Labrador pups .All ten are doing well. Happy and content you will always find one laid flat out on its back. They say they do this when they are happy with life. They are moving about and climbing over each other. What an even litter 5 girls and 5 boys . Now we have 5 that look as if they are going to be fox red and 5 yellow. Bess is sat outside the kennel now enjoying the sunshine and on call should any of her babies need her. As fathers are -Rollo is off doing his own thing and has been up the wood this morning with his mates. And no he wont be going to the pub later.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Young labradors dogs by FTCH Leadburn Viceroy and Mabel

These young Labradors are 5 months old now all by Leadburn Viceroy. Mabel mucks in with them too She is by the late Mrs Reids dog which now belongs to Billy Steel jnr FTCH Hillius Clyde. They are enjoying the summer and now I am taking them up through the woods every day which is bringing out the hunting instinct in them and strengthening their muscles. All this is fun and play for them.In the next few months this is what their life will consists of as I don't believe that they should be introduced to too much discipline too early in their lives.Its like a youngster before they go to school. This makes them not so hyped up and easier to deal with when they are brought in to be trained.

Monday 6 June 2011

Cuckavalda Boris- the first winner we have bred,

They say things come in 3s . We have had 2 safe deliveries of puppies. The third was an email from Brendan Kelly this morning . He bought Cuckavalda Boris from us a few moths ago. Brendan has been very kind keeping us up to date with Boris' progress. The other week he got a 3rd and a COM in a working test. Boris has now won his first test in the under 18th month old Lancs and Mersey working test and as Brendan said the name Cuckavalda will be on the trophy for ever. Well done to Brendan and to Boris.

Coco and her cocker spaniel pups

It has been very busy here over the weekend and Coco who is 4 had her first litter of puppies during the night. A variety of colours and a mix of boys and girls. She is a very competent mother and soon had the ship shape and Bristol fashion without any help from us. They will go to the vets soon to be docked and dew clawed. More information later - humans exhausted here

Litter of fox red and yellow labradors

the 5th of June was Marks 40th birthday and also the day when Rollo became a father for the first time to 10 yellow and fox red pups. There was 5 dogs pups and 5 bitches so you couldn't ask for a fairer mix than that .Rollo is our yellow stud dog.For Bess who is a bit over 4 it is her second litter. We have never had so many in a litter before. She was very good and is now proudly looking after her pups and dining on raw chicken. She did get to celebrate Marks birthday by having a sausage roll from the party eating the meat and declining the pastry.

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Daisy keeps us waiting.

Daisy made us wait 5 days before she gave birth. Mother and 7 pups doing well. Both girls and boys and a selection of colours.After a week with the baby alarm on she started at 4am and was finished by 9am. All very even in size and as this is her second litter she is managing very well. There looks as if there is going to be one which turns into a blue roan which other than Pip who is black/blue roan we havent got one that colour. Will we keep it ...not sure at this stage as there is another I have my eye on -maybe two.

Friday 13 May 2011

Cocker Spaniel Puppies making friends...

It is surprising how many people ask to see the dogs. This is usually an after breakfast thing. Time to take them around and explain about different ones and who is who. As we have puppies too at the moment it is an extra attraction. Here you see the visitors this morning enjoying the antics of these little cocker spaniel puppies. Sometimes people's lifestyles mean they cannot accommodate a pet but it doesn't mean to say they don't like them. These puppies will soon be ready to go to their new homes but as we are keeping one called Harry he will still be here for future guests to see. But having such interaction with lots of people they seem to take everything in their stride and settle into their new homes very well.

Saturday 7 May 2011

Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Pegs pups will be 5 weeks old on Monday. They are certainly out and about now and exploring a bit more every day. The guests staying here love them and often go to see them.So they are well socialized and handled. We got the Kennel Club names back this morning as we are going to keep a yellow and white dog and were lucky to keep the name we choose-Cuckavalda Harry. Well we have William a Labrador who was born earlier this year and as it is quite a Royal year thought a Harry would be appropriate too. Anna does most of the name choosing and I think if we are lucky to get some pups from Hidi that we will keep one of hers and call it Diamond.I was stuck at what to call two black Labradors so I called them both Twig. One Twig has now been sold to Margaret Crawford who is a Class A judge in the trialling field . Margaret also bred a famous FTCH called Millcottage Pathfinder. So we are hoping Margaret does as well with Twig.

Saturday 9 April 2011

and then they saw .... was me .Jack was out with his dogs when I came back from shopping yesterday and there they all were enjoying the sunshine and keeping close together in case they missed out. they made a nice photo . I got out of the car and shouted to them. Although I don't have much to do with the every day running of them. What I find is though if I have them out all together it is quite a handful . I have them sussed though and always reward them with food when I get them back to their kennels and so talk about cupboard love. so they quite like to see me and here they are all coming over to say hello

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Peg Produces...

Peg is one of our little black cocker spaniels who is a right little character.When she is showing happy she "grins" and shows her teeth. She doesn't weight much more than a good sized cat but is quite capable of carrying pheasant and build up her neck muscles during the season . Tyson would be proud of muscles like that. She has been picking up since she was about 10 months old. She is quite capable of climbing too. She is one of those with a huge personality and everyone who she comes in contact with cant help but take to her. The sire of the pups is George our lemon roan stud dog . There are 6 males and 2 females- black,brown and lemon and white with one at the moment snow white We have never had one all white before. She started as we were going to be bed so it made it a long night .She had her 8th at around 6am. Bitches often don't eat for a couple of days before they pup and hid their food. Anna had decided about 3am to get something to eat to pass the time. Peg had looked at her as if to say cant I have some too and so they shared cheese and olives.

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon....

A sunny afternoon and 4 pups to keep my eye on .They really enjoy romping about in the field. It is all part of growing up for them as they play around and take on board everything around.Here they are taking a rest.Two of them had been alerted to a pheasant calling .They now walk the length of two fields.Mabel went exploring a bit too much one day. Fortunately Jack was at hand to help her as she ran head first into a water trough. Her adventure doesn't seem to have worried her. She was soon happily running about again.

Monday 14 March 2011

Welcome to Leadburn Mabel

We were early visitors this morning at Billy Steels' when we called to pick up a pup from his litter out of his FTW Leadburn Tango and sired by Billy sons dog FTCH Hillius Clyde. Anna has always fancied a dog with FTW Jacob Bogdami of Leadburn in the breeding. What a lively litter they are -all 11 of them. Billy certainly has his hands full with them. What a credit they are to him. Quite like peas in a pod. Mabel travelled well and although she is a week younger than the ones we are keeping she is quite "at home" with them. Out and about exploring she will soon be ruling the roost and showing the 3 boys who is the boss. Lets hope it wont be long before Mabel is very ABLE.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Optigen PRA tests

We were happy to get notification from America this morning from Optigen that Willow -Jakoranda Feel the Moment and Hidi- Cuckavalda Metal Vicereine's blood tests have come back clear after being tested for PRA. This is good news and Willow's litter which she had last April will also be show all clear too as she was lined with FTCH Leadburn Viceroy who had already had his tests done. It is now getting more known about these Optigen tests.

Sunday 6 March 2011

Pups ready to go

This weekend we have had Labrador pups go to Northumberland,Cumbria and the little fox red girl is on her way to France. As you know we are keeping a fox red dog for ourselves / There are 2 black dog pups unsold if anyone is interested as people have given us back word . Just give us a ring for further details. If they are not sold in a week or two Jack is going to keep them. If they turn out like Tara,Hidi.Blade and Finn we will be glad that we kept them but as you know we cant keep them all. Here they are out with Jack . Even now at 7 weeks old they are already heeling up and following him and picking up and carried little twigs in their mouths.

Saturday 19 February 2011

Enter Cuckavalda Mero ....

better known as Blade. His sire is FTCH Leadburn Viceroy and his Mother is our May- Jakoranda Mango. He was born on the 20th Jan 2010 one of a litter of 9. He is a very handsome dog. Easy to say and quick to learn.I have had chance to sell him more than once in the last few months but as I am thinking of having a go at trialling myself Anna says I wouldn't forgive myself if I sold him and he did well. More over I guess she wouldn't either me too. We have just got his hips scores back at a very respectable 2/3. His eyes tested clear on all 5 counts. His Optigen test for PRA came back clear too. We are now offering his services as a stud dog.

Thursday 17 February 2011

What a week of activity....

Cuckavalda Monty-Tex has gone off to his home in Tennessee where he is going to be have wonderful life with the American females of the canine world as a stud dog. Cuckavalda Mero- Blade -a very handsome dog with brains too has just had the results of his hip scores today 2/3 so we are very pleased. Also his eyes were tested clear and he is Optigen tested PRA clear. So with this clean bill of health we now are about to offer a black Labrador to our stud dog list.Finally the Kennel Club papers of names has come back. Cuckavalda Red William is the Sunday best name of the fox red dog pup we are keeping.We will call him Will. Here you see him with his siblings

Wednesday 2 February 2011

All paperwork...

We have had 4 of our Labradors Optigen tested. Yesterday we heard they are PRA clear so we are very pleased. This is Boris,Finn,Tex and Blade. 2 yellow dogs and 2 black dogs. The two younger ones have been to get their eyes tested today along with their sisters-Twiglet No 1 ,Twiggy No 2 and they all passed. On Friday, Tex and Blade who had their eye tested before and passed- go for their hip scores so it will be fingers crossed until the results are back. No doubt someone will come up with another test that has to be done. Boris and Tex are for sale should someone want a young dog.They are both yellow and there sire is FTCH Leadburn Viceroy. The Twig girls are also for sale . They are black and again their Sire is FTCH Leadburn Viceroy. Please ring for further details

Weighing in time....

Weighing in time was what we used to do. When I was riding horses at the point-to-points that was 30 years ago.The season has begun the other week with a meeting at Easterbys near Malton. Now the nearest thing I get to weighing in is seeing how much the pups weigh. This litter has really come on so quickly. We were interested to see what they weighed. 7 pups and they range from just under 3 lbs to 4 1/4. It is the fox red dog that weighs the most. This is not surprising as he was a fair size when he was born and has remain the biggest ever since.Also he was not for sitting in a bowl for long . The girls were a little better behaved.