Sunday 8 January 2012

Vet checked and ready for home

Snowflake is Molly's daughter and she is sister to Snowball and George. She will be 3 in April and these are her 6 puppies that were born on Thursday. Troy is the father. So when you cross a black dad with a lemon and white mum -this time you get 2 chocolate ones and 4 black ones. Off they went on Saturday morning to Skeldale Vets to see Tim who checked them over,docked and dewclawed them. Flake is an excellent first time mother and she travelled with them though they were wrapped up in warm towels as it is the middle of winter. They were soon home again and tucking into their dinners.

Labrador pups a month on

Here you see our pups. A month has gone by and they are now up and about. They are on solids but still like to go to their mum for a drink. They are happy little characters. Although they are still tempted back to their heat lamp which is on day and night they have started coming out of the kennel and this morning Jack had them on to the grass for the first time.Some were even as good as to go to the toilet when they were out which saves on the cleaning up. They have paper bedding inside and then in the run sawdust.