Thursday 14 June 2012

Optigen test for Mabel and Cas

Before we have their hips/elbows scored and after they have had their eyes tested we have to make sure the young dogs are PRA clear which means a blood test that goes to America to Optigen to be tested. Some of our youngsters are herd clear but we bought Leadburn Mabel adn although her mother who belongs to Billy Steel snr was the sire who is FTCH Hillus Clyde isnt.Fortunately she passed as did a young yellow dog called Cas. Next is the hips scores it is like waiting for your 11 plus exam results to come through.

Eye tests for Young Labradors

A trip up to Barnard Castle for these 4 young Labradors to be examined by Stuart Ellis. Fortunately they all passed with flying colours. We had some very good fish and chips for our lunch and here you see them watching me as I walked back to the pickup.They had to wait until they got home before they got feed.

Fox red Labrador puppies doing well.

4 weeks old and tucking into solid food. Tara has done a brilliant job feeding 11 pups .All even in size with no help from us for the first 2-3 weeks. Now they are happily starting to explore and we are making the difficult choice of who we are keeping. Cuckavalda Red Gin is one and now looking for Tonic. We try to use a different sounding name to shout. When they are older they will go out and about with the others. This year we have also kept two young cockers Peabody and Snipe and 2 Labradors -Betty and Flag.