Friday 29 August 2014

Jack eyes up the competition

Jack has always been a dog man and nothing pleases him more to see a dog working well.This time he was admiring a sheepdog. Last night we had young Caleb O'Keeffe stay here with his Dad.He was today competing in the One Man and his dog competition down at Byland Abbey and will be shown on Countryfile in September 28th at 7pm. Caleb is only 17 a canny lad who with his dog Tess had a day we felt he should be proud of.He was in the junior section. Whilst in the afternoon the pressure was handed to the senior handlers and their dogs.With total scores added up to see which of the 4 countries,England ,Ireland ,Scotland won on the day. . Wishing you all a safe trip back to Ireland.

Leadburn Mabel and her pups

A royal pedigree or there abouts. If it wasnt as expensive I reckon an entry in the hatches,matches, and hopefully not despatches column in the Times wouldnt go amiss.It would reads something like. Cuckavalda Bert known as Finn ,son of FTCH Leadburn Viceroy 2nd in the IGLs in 2008 and top dog in Scotland x Jakoranda Feel the Moment and Leadburn Mabel daughter of FTCH Hillus Clyde X FTW Leadburn Tango are the proud parents to 4 sons and 4 daughters at home. Mother and offspring doing well .

Thursday 14 August 2014