Monday 22 July 2013

When you become a film star

We feel very honoured that our Cuckavalda Gundogs are going to featured in a film -one of 4 which have been commissioned by the NYMNP. Classlane Media came earlier in the year to film the interior of the house and now have been back on what was possibly one of the hottest days of the year to take outside footage. After filming it was time to take a break and Pimms was served up Well I thought it was Pimms but actually it was sloe gin in a Pimms bottle .But mixed with ginger ale went down very well. The film,we understand will be shown in the autumn.

Handsome as well as brains

Jack has always said he breeds dogs with brains -that are easy to train and handle. he likes good looking dogs too. But also he likes a dog to be proud of some they have to be classy and have style. He doesn't like them to look "piggy" either ! We were delighted to hear from Tim Asquith via twitter one Saturday straight from the Bishop Wilton Show.His dog Cuckavalda Milo had won the most handsome dog in the Show.He was the result of a lining of Copperbirch Winnebego [Rollo] and Cuckavalda Touch of Gold [Tara}. He was born in May 2012 joining the Asquith household in July 2012. Tim says he is a fantastic dog .Here you see him also with Joanna doing some gun-dog training. It is always nice for us to see how our pups and dogs develop after they have left us.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

There is 4 on the bed....

and the little one said "roll over" . But it doesn't go as the song goes as they all push up together and share.These pups are enjoying the summer even though the weather could have been better. As soon as the sun comes out there they are laid flat out. These are Mabels's offspring and we are really pleased with how they are developing. They will not be old enough to go out this coming season but they will be great dogs for the following season.