Thursday 27 February 2020

Nice to receive this news this morning

Dear Jack and Anna, 

We got our dog from you in summer 2018  . We wrote to you a little while ago to let you know he had been accepted to train as an assistance dog. We thought it would be nice to send you an update - he has passed all three assessments and completed his training in less than a year! He is now a fully qualified ADUK registered assistance dog. Attached are some photos of him in his new jacket, looking very proud of himself. He's a really great dog - friendly, clever, and learns new things so quickly. Thank
you for bringing such joy and independence to us in the form of this dog. Feel free to share the photos on social media if you would like. 

When the time comes to train his replacement, we know we will be coming back to you for another pup. Should you ever decide to stop breeding, please could we have a black boy from your last litter? We have to succession plan as part of our commitment to ADUK, and wouldn't want a dog from anyone else.

We'll continue to send you the odd update of his adventures!

Best wishes,