Monday 24 May 2010

Labrador pups -FTCH Leadburn Viceroy x Jakoranda Feel the Moment

Here are Willows pups just over a month old now enjoying the sunshine. They like to have a roam about now and then are happy to go back inside for their afternoon nap. They are intelligent little dogs and out of this litter we are keeping 2. If they turn out like the other pups we have kept out of FTCH Leadburn Viceroy and Willows two sisters we will be very happy. As you will probably have read before Tara has a 0/0 hip score and you can see her in action on UTube.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Baby Donkey....

Sorry I have not blogged for a while but my Dad is still not at all well in hospital.He had gall infected gall bladder,a small heart attack and then pneumonia set in -Please think of him .
On to happier things as you know we have some of Jennifer Floris' donkeys here and now one of the females has given birth to a little boy donkey who even at 2 days old is quite cheeky and is not at all shy. He is like a big cuddly teddy bear with long wonky legs . You can see a lot more of him on UTube -

Sunday 2 May 2010

Cuckavalda Gundogs Izzy in Training by Jack Peckitt

Tara and her hips score.

Tara has been jumping 5 bar gates since she was 5 months old with no encouragement. We dreaded getting her hip scores back . So it was an early birthday present for me the best I can have this year . When Tim the vet himself rang up to say that her hip scores were back from the BVA and they are 0/0 .We are absolutely delighted.