Tuesday 28 June 2011

Cocker Pups at 4 weeks

These little cockers are starting to explore. It is surprising how they come on in a week. People who have left deposits when they are very young usually make one or two trip if they have time to come to see how they are developing. Daisy is quite happy to be away from hem for a short time now. They are all penned in so they cant get into the pond or under car wheels.You can spend ages watching them as they play together with their siblings . This si all part of growing up and if people sell them too early they miss all this.A week ina pups life as young as this is a long time. People say they cant wait to get their pps but we are not swayed and tehy stay here until we think they are ready to go it alone. As they get older we move them into big space which is near the kitchen window and love to watch their antics. We do honour peoples holidays which often means they are a little more than a bundle of fluff when tehy go .

BATA ,Helmsley

Not that I like shopping one bit but this is a store which I don't mind going to. Young Alec Snowball works there and is on hand to get you what you need. Not only does he know who you are but he serves you with a smile. He will even put it into your vehicle for you -you don't get that from the supermarkets. This store sells everything the country person needs. We get shavings for the dogs and orphan lambs milk for the younger ones. They sell wormers and sprays to keep ticks and mite off. Wooden posts and railings also wire for making dog runs etc. Their stock is endless.Whether you want a pair of wellingtons or a rat trap you can get them here.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tucking In....

This is the first time that these Labrador pups have been introduced to food .Weetabix and orphan lamb milk was on the menu for their first feed. They are incredibly forward as they are only 16 days old . There eyes are open and today 2 had wandered out of the kennel into the sunshine in their run. We do not want Bess ,their mother,to get dragged down so went in with some sloppy food to see what they thought of it. You can tell they are Labradors as they were soon happy to be tucking in. We have just registered 10 names on the Kennel Club website so that their papers will be in good time for when they go to their new homes. Each pup will come with the Cuckavalda prefix. Anna has chosen Cuckavalda Jilly June for the girl we are keeping . She will be called Jill which is a easy name to remember and say. June was added in the name as she was born in June. We are also keeping a dog pup but have a choice of 5 names to go at.

Monday 20 June 2011

Cocker pups with French bread.

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After yesterdays lunch we had lots of food left. Nothing has gone to waste but the French sticks had gone hard so something for the young pups to play with. They were light enough in weight for them to carry around. But soon they decided it was more fun to eat them. We still have these pups here as although they are spoken for and named their new owners cant have them for a week or two .SO we are having the pleasure of watching them get up to their antics. Now they are laid flat out asleep enjoying the sunshine. Ollie is going to live near Leeds to a lady whose daughter bought one from us last year.Monty to Marton near Borobridge as their friedns have oneof our too. Harry will be going a bit further away to Staffordshire. Just realised this has not up loaded as a video. You can watch it on Youtube under TheCuckavaldaGundogs.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Fathers Day...

I might have known that Quozzi would have organised getting a card signed from all the dogs. Quozzi being the pup we hand reared and she thinks she is more human than a human and certainly does not think of herself as a dog. Also presents in an appropriate dog bag -even though it was a Jack Russell. Someone had been busy shopping with my hard earned money shopping at Barkers in Northallerton . So I am now the owner of a new shirt and 2 pairs of new trousers.
A busy Sunday as we had a family gathering here to meet up with Maria "Big Ann" and George Oxtoby from Dalton near Thirsk. When I along with Ann and Frank were small she looked after us and it was so nice to see her after all these years. As always Anna put on a spread to feed an army. Family gathering - plenty to eat,plenty to drink and no one fell out so we all had a good time.

Thursday 16 June 2011

One man and his young dogs

Jack with his young Labradors aged between 5 months and a year old. As you will see they have their noses down and hunting around. It is good for them to go over different terrain and experience new things. They don't stray too far and easy to say and handle. They will be ready to go picking up later in the season. Some of these young dogs are for sale.They are very well breed mostly by FTCH Leadburn Viceroy. They have just done basis training so far and some have only been on a lead a couple of time. Jack believes they should have a easy time until they get a bit older and that they enjoy their puppy life. It makes for them being very laid back dogs.They are all dogs and Leadburn Mabel is the only bitch amongst them. Anyone who is fancying the idea of trialling these are ideal material.
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There is a YouTube for you to see about this morning under Cuckavalda Gundogs.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Coco- the perfect mother

Although Coco is over 4 and these are her first pups she is the perfect mother . Maybe her offspring don't think so as she is always washing them and tidying them up. They are tiny compared to the other cocker pups who are a week older. It is hard for people wanting to come to choose a pup to have to wait a week but we are determined to try to give these little dogs the best possible start to their lives. A week in their life time means a lot in the time they spend without outside intrusions into their lives. Most people understand this and are happy to wait to see them when we think they can ready. Some people cant wait,that is their lose. Maybe such people aren't fit to own a dog in any case.

Daisy and her brood

Daisy's little cocker pups are doing equally as well as the young Labradors although they are now 2 weeks old and people will be coming at the end of the week to see their puppies for the first time. By then they will have their eyes open and be crawling about more.After 3 days of their eyes being open they will then be able to focus.Their hearing will come too until that happen they are deaf to any noise around them. During the day if it is hot outside they do not need a light over them and they seem quite happy as Daisy joins Bess and Coco for a mothers meeting in the sunshine.

What a difference a week make

Time flies and it is now a week since Bess had her Labrador pups .All ten are doing well. Happy and content you will always find one laid flat out on its back. They say they do this when they are happy with life. They are moving about and climbing over each other. What an even litter 5 girls and 5 boys . Now we have 5 that look as if they are going to be fox red and 5 yellow. Bess is sat outside the kennel now enjoying the sunshine and on call should any of her babies need her. As fathers are -Rollo is off doing his own thing and has been up the wood this morning with his mates. And no he wont be going to the pub later.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Young labradors dogs by FTCH Leadburn Viceroy and Mabel

These young Labradors are 5 months old now all by Leadburn Viceroy. Mabel mucks in with them too She is by the late Mrs Reids dog which now belongs to Billy Steel jnr FTCH Hillius Clyde. They are enjoying the summer and now I am taking them up through the woods every day which is bringing out the hunting instinct in them and strengthening their muscles. All this is fun and play for them.In the next few months this is what their life will consists of as I don't believe that they should be introduced to too much discipline too early in their lives.Its like a youngster before they go to school. This makes them not so hyped up and easier to deal with when they are brought in to be trained.

Monday 6 June 2011

Cuckavalda Boris- the first winner we have bred,

They say things come in 3s . We have had 2 safe deliveries of puppies. The third was an email from Brendan Kelly this morning . He bought Cuckavalda Boris from us a few moths ago. Brendan has been very kind keeping us up to date with Boris' progress. The other week he got a 3rd and a COM in a working test. Boris has now won his first test in the under 18th month old Lancs and Mersey working test and as Brendan said the name Cuckavalda will be on the trophy for ever. Well done to Brendan and to Boris.

Coco and her cocker spaniel pups

It has been very busy here over the weekend and Coco who is 4 had her first litter of puppies during the night. A variety of colours and a mix of boys and girls. She is a very competent mother and soon had the ship shape and Bristol fashion without any help from us. They will go to the vets soon to be docked and dew clawed. More information later - humans exhausted here

Litter of fox red and yellow labradors

the 5th of June was Marks 40th birthday and also the day when Rollo became a father for the first time to 10 yellow and fox red pups. There was 5 dogs pups and 5 bitches so you couldn't ask for a fairer mix than that .Rollo is our yellow stud dog.For Bess who is a bit over 4 it is her second litter. We have never had so many in a litter before. She was very good and is now proudly looking after her pups and dining on raw chicken. She did get to celebrate Marks birthday by having a sausage roll from the party eating the meat and declining the pastry.