Thursday 13 September 2012

Four in a row

Not bad 4 4 4 month old pups. These are fox red Labrador pups. Their sire is Rollo-Copperbirch Winnebego and dam is Tara -Cuckavalda Touch of Gold. This is Tara's first litter and we are really looking forward to seeing these young dogs develope. We are keeping Gin and her sister Tonic. Tie went earlier in the week and Turk is for sale to a good home. They are very intelligent as you can see Jack got them all to sit up in a row.not bad as they were only born in the middle of May. Tara had 11 pups and 3 of her pups have gone to working homes within half an hour of here so I guess we will see them out on the
shooting field next season.