Sunday 1 April 2012

Lemon and white cocker spaniel pups

Pip had her pups by Caesarian and now they have their eyes open. They are ever so funny and play pile up on each other .Although some are getting inquisitive and come outside now into the run. They are now starting to eat solids. This week and over Easter we have children in so they will be getting well socialized.

It would have been Quozzi's 4th birthday today

We have not written about Quozzi dying .She died a few weeks ago. She was out picking up on the Thursday. Jack noticed she hadn't eaten her tea so next day she was at the vets .She walked in wagging her tail -that was Quozzi.The vet said most dog would have been dead by then She had a temperature of 106 and was put on to a drip .She stayed in for 3 days but Jack wanted her home. We have never had one ill before other than through accidents. Of all our dogs Quozzi was the favourite -not jack best working dog by far as she had a mind of her own. But she was the favourite. She died 10 days after she first start it was a very acute leukemia.In her short life she was talked about by many even written about in American newspapers. Too long a story to tell. Handreared she was nearly a human. She lived outside as she got older. When we got a log burner in although she wasn't in the house she used to collected sticks every time she went out in the field and if she got chance would bring them up to the door. It's a cruel old life