Friday 3 October 2014

Autumn and Young Dogs

The young dogs love to go exploring in the woods as they sniff about in the fallen leaves. This glorious weather r we have been having helps and when they get back they spend their rest time laying out in the sunshine .

Saturday 20 September 2014

Looking around for lunch

Mabel's pups are now well on the way to being weaned . They know what is coming and happily nosing about, as they could smell it in the jug as I went in .Then it was tucking in time. Their sire Cuckavalda Bert is picking up at Newburgh Priory today while dam Leadburn Mabel is having some time to herself. We are really pleased with how these pups are developing and hopefully they will turn out as good as the pups that we had from the same lines last year

Friday 29 August 2014

Jack eyes up the competition

Jack has always been a dog man and nothing pleases him more to see a dog working well.This time he was admiring a sheepdog. Last night we had young Caleb O'Keeffe stay here with his Dad.He was today competing in the One Man and his dog competition down at Byland Abbey and will be shown on Countryfile in September 28th at 7pm. Caleb is only 17 a canny lad who with his dog Tess had a day we felt he should be proud of.He was in the junior section. Whilst in the afternoon the pressure was handed to the senior handlers and their dogs.With total scores added up to see which of the 4 countries,England ,Ireland ,Scotland won on the day. . Wishing you all a safe trip back to Ireland.

Leadburn Mabel and her pups

A royal pedigree or there abouts. If it wasnt as expensive I reckon an entry in the hatches,matches, and hopefully not despatches column in the Times wouldnt go amiss.It would reads something like. Cuckavalda Bert known as Finn ,son of FTCH Leadburn Viceroy 2nd in the IGLs in 2008 and top dog in Scotland x Jakoranda Feel the Moment and Leadburn Mabel daughter of FTCH Hillus Clyde X FTW Leadburn Tango are the proud parents to 4 sons and 4 daughters at home. Mother and offspring doing well .

Thursday 14 August 2014

Thursday 5 June 2014

A week older.....

Willow's pups are all doing well. we are helping out with additional top ups of goats milk. Previously we have syringed milk into them but Emmy has kindly shared her bottles with us as she is a big girl now which makes life a bit easier.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Willow's Eleven Little Superstars....

Willow is one of our orginal fox red girls. Her sire was FTCH Talsbrook Rhum of Bolton Abbey who was 4th in the IGLs and owned by the Duchess of Devonshire. Willow's sisters Tina and May have had their last litters and this is Willow's last litter too. So anyone who admires these girls when they were out working and want to own one of their prodigy please let us know. Already we have some spoken for. There are 9 girls and 2 boys. As usual we are keeping some for ourselves but there will be some spare as it is such a big litter. Here are a couple of photos to keep you going. They were only 10 hours old here. The sire of the pups is Cuckavalda Red Caz who has FTCH Ernvale Maud who was the top retriever in Ireland in 2008 on both sides of the pedigree. At the time Caz was born there was no other dogs known to have this stylish breeding .Caz father is FTCH Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn.owned by the famous Billy Steel senior, who has qualifies 3 times for the IGLs. For anyone who doesn't know about IGLS -this is the yearly competition on of the top 50 gundogs in the UK

Thursday 15 May 2014

Saturday 29 March 2014

Monday 10 February 2014

Labrador pups tucking in ...

....and not a Yorkshire puddings in sight. The weeks are flying by and the pups are gradually getting on to solid foods and depending less on their mother.We like to get the pups fully weaned at 5 weeks old . They will be then be fed 5 times a day before they go to their new homes they will be done to 4 meals a day.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Cuckavalda Red Caz and his sister Nelly

Just thought you may like to see the pedigree of our latest stud dog Cuckavalda Red Caz. He is already a proven sire to 8 pups born the other week .His pedigree is outstanding and very much up to date as far as names in the FTCH world goes. Billy Steel's FTCH Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn who has been in the running at the IGLS for the last year is the sire. Paddy is half brother to Rollo our fox red stud dog .Their mother was the famous FTCH Ernvale Maud of Tudorcourt -the top retriever in Ireland in 2008. She features twice in his pedigree as she is also granddam on the dam side of Cuckavalda Jilly June's pedigree. We think it is easier for you to look and study the pedigree for yourself.Jack got a bit carried away with the red amrker but you can count at a glance 37 FTCH in the pedigree. Jill herself will not be having any pups in the foreseeable future as we are happy she is learning her way around the shooting field first before settling down to have some pups.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Tara -mum to 12 what a difference a week makes

Tara has just had our record number of pups .She has had 12 -4 girls and 8 boys. Tara is Tina's daughter and her sire is the very impressive FTCH and top dog in Scotland FTCH Leadburn Viceroy who in 2008 was 2nd in the IGLS , The sire of the puppies has an equally impressive pedigree Copperbirch Winnebego better known as Rollo made a big trip for a little pup when at 9 weeks he left his home in Ireland to come to live with us. His Dam is the famous FTCH Ernvale Maud of Tudorcourt owned by Keith Matthews. She was the top retriever in Ireland in 2008 .She was lined with an English FTCH and Rollo was the result. Tara is an excellent mother and it wont be too long before they have their eyes opened and are starting been weaned.Orders now been taken