Monday 5 September 2011

Finn and Blade

Here you see Finn and Blade waiting up amongst the heather on the Dallowgill grouse moors. Both of these fine looking dogs are by Billy Steels snr - FTCH Leadburn Viceroy.Blade was born in Jan 2010 and Finn in April 2010. This is their first year of experiencing going picking up and they are really enjoying themselves and as you would expect are behaving like first class labradors should.

The Partridges and Ducks are now in season

The first of September was the beginning of the partridge and duck season. The Cuckavalda Gundogs were out on the first two days up on the Rievaulx shoot. This shoot is renown for high birds and this year it is no exception. The dogs had to work hard sweeping up and down the hillsides.Here you see May and Tina watching the shooting and waiting to get given the go ahead to go and pick the birds up. Bet they were glad to have a rest on Sunday.