Tuesday 31 May 2011

Daisy keeps us waiting.

Daisy made us wait 5 days before she gave birth. Mother and 7 pups doing well. Both girls and boys and a selection of colours.After a week with the baby alarm on she started at 4am and was finished by 9am. All very even in size and as this is her second litter she is managing very well. There looks as if there is going to be one which turns into a blue roan which other than Pip who is black/blue roan we havent got one that colour. Will we keep it ...not sure at this stage as there is another I have my eye on -maybe two.

Friday 13 May 2011

Cocker Spaniel Puppies making friends...

It is surprising how many people ask to see the dogs. This is usually an after breakfast thing. Time to take them around and explain about different ones and who is who. As we have puppies too at the moment it is an extra attraction. Here you see the visitors this morning enjoying the antics of these little cocker spaniel puppies. Sometimes people's lifestyles mean they cannot accommodate a pet but it doesn't mean to say they don't like them. These puppies will soon be ready to go to their new homes but as we are keeping one called Harry he will still be here for future guests to see. But having such interaction with lots of people they seem to take everything in their stride and settle into their new homes very well.

Saturday 7 May 2011

Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Pegs pups will be 5 weeks old on Monday. They are certainly out and about now and exploring a bit more every day. The guests staying here love them and often go to see them.So they are well socialized and handled. We got the Kennel Club names back this morning as we are going to keep a yellow and white dog and were lucky to keep the name we choose-Cuckavalda Harry. Well we have William a Labrador who was born earlier this year and as it is quite a Royal year thought a Harry would be appropriate too. Anna does most of the name choosing and I think if we are lucky to get some pups from Hidi that we will keep one of hers and call it Diamond.I was stuck at what to call two black Labradors so I called them both Twig. One Twig has now been sold to Margaret Crawford who is a Class A judge in the trialling field . Margaret also bred a famous FTCH called Millcottage Pathfinder. So we are hoping Margaret does as well with Twig.