Monday 29 August 2011

Back on the Dallowgill Grouse Moors

Monday being the Bank Holiday most people have any easy day . Not so for Jack and his dogs.Up without an alarm at 4.10am as there were the rest of the dogs to exercise before setting off for the Moor. The youngster left at home needed feeding and a small amount for the workers. they don't go to work on eggs but need something in their stomachs when they are working the grouse moors all day . Off from here about 7.45am and back by 6.15pm made it quite a long day .We will all be sleeping well tonight. The bag was not as large as it sometimes is as the birds were flying fast and the guns didn't seem to be able to hit them . Four Labradors- Tara,Hidi,Blade and Rollo went along with Troy and George the cockers and Charlie the veteran of them all - the springer spaniel. The heather was a picture and the day was pleasant. It can be very harsh conditions up on the Moor but today it made for a pleasant day. Back home Anna had had the other dogs out and exercised and pups feed. Roast lamb and Yorkshire puddings to fill a hungry man.So off to bed now as it all starts over again in 7 hours time

Monday 1 August 2011

Bess goes to her new home

Bess, one of our Labradors has gone off to her new home today. She has worked hard over the last couple of years on the grouse moors Then later on picking up pheasants and partridges as the seasons progressed.She has had 2 litters of pups and we don't want her to have any more pups. One of her pups went to Holland and one went to the North of Scotland to be trained for field trialing. She has now gone to friends near Skipton where she will have a wonderful life living in their house. As Chris does a bit of shooting she will get to have the occasionally day out there showing everyone how it should be done. We occasionally have dogs we give away like Bess,free to good homes where all we ask is that they have a lovely life-to be loved and well looked after. Not to have to go to work every day in the season or to have any more pups. We are careful to choose where they go. As they have given us their best so we want the best for them. Sally,a cocker,is going to Suffolk next week to join Penny who went a couple of years ago.