Thursday 17 October 2013

Black cocker spaniel pups

Troy has become a father again. And talk about a chip off the old block. Very happy little pups that seem to wag their tails for ever. Ready to go shortly.They have been well socialised as since they were born we have had lots of b and b guests who like to go around to see them and also Isabelle who is staying with us from Sweden who when she isn't working can be found in with the pups. Their grandmother was Mallowdale Wren who lots of you may remember better as Sally and was often featured in photos with Jack. Sally is now retired and lives down in Suffolk with Peg. Here you see mum sitting guarding them and making sure they don't go too far out of her sight. You would think it was Sally sat there.

Sunday 4 August 2013

Shooting season is nearly upon us.

Doesn't see five minutes since the 2102-13 season finished. The dogs and Jack were both ready for a rest and now the dogs are all tuned up for the coming season. Whether Jack is that is a different matter.We have a few dogs to sell as when the shooting gets started it is long days and with a few less dogs around it makes things a bit easier.Always hard to make choices of which to sell. None have vices that aware of and you will find more details on the for sale page of the website.Any could go just as pets if anyone wished as they are all good natured and love the "settee" life if given half the chance. Here is a picture of Cuckavalda Sindy who has just gone to her new home .She is coming on very well with her training and is keen to learn so the new owners will find her easy to train and bring on

Monday 22 July 2013

When you become a film star

We feel very honoured that our Cuckavalda Gundogs are going to featured in a film -one of 4 which have been commissioned by the NYMNP. Classlane Media came earlier in the year to film the interior of the house and now have been back on what was possibly one of the hottest days of the year to take outside footage. After filming it was time to take a break and Pimms was served up Well I thought it was Pimms but actually it was sloe gin in a Pimms bottle .But mixed with ginger ale went down very well. The film,we understand will be shown in the autumn.

Handsome as well as brains

Jack has always said he breeds dogs with brains -that are easy to train and handle. he likes good looking dogs too. But also he likes a dog to be proud of some they have to be classy and have style. He doesn't like them to look "piggy" either ! We were delighted to hear from Tim Asquith via twitter one Saturday straight from the Bishop Wilton Show.His dog Cuckavalda Milo had won the most handsome dog in the Show.He was the result of a lining of Copperbirch Winnebego [Rollo] and Cuckavalda Touch of Gold [Tara}. He was born in May 2012 joining the Asquith household in July 2012. Tim says he is a fantastic dog .Here you see him also with Joanna doing some gun-dog training. It is always nice for us to see how our pups and dogs develop after they have left us.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

There is 4 on the bed....

and the little one said "roll over" . But it doesn't go as the song goes as they all push up together and share.These pups are enjoying the summer even though the weather could have been better. As soon as the sun comes out there they are laid flat out. These are Mabels's offspring and we are really pleased with how they are developing. They will not be old enough to go out this coming season but they will be great dogs for the following season.

Sunday 30 June 2013

Grand dogs

Here are some of the Team getting ready for the coming season . Less than 2 months now and the dogs will be out on the grouse moor. Some of the older girls are now retiring . Always made a striking picture did the three fox red girls-Time,Willow and may. Their offspring are now going to be taking up the challenging of the shooting season.

May and Willow go to the seaside

Anna was determined to take Willow and May to the seaside. May was due to go to her new home as she has now retired from the shooting field .After 5 hard seasons picking up she is going to live a life of luxury in the village at Tina and Stuart's house. Off the three of them set to Sandsend. The dogs quite enjoyed their ride over the Moors. I think they thought they were off for a day's work on the grouse moors.Their ears were pricked and taking it all in. Then nipping through Whitby was not quite so impressive for them so they laid down and went to sleep. Soon the boot lid was lifted and May and Willow saw the sea for the first time. Why Anna thought they would like it I don't know. I suppose the dogs who live in towns like the sea but my dogs are happy enough to stay in the countryside. Here are a few photos of the girls by the sea. They were not impressed of the waves. ready for home they called at the Magpie in Whitby to bring a couple of seafood platters back for Monday lunch. Unfortunately missing a photo opportunity outside waiting for the fish to come .Otherwise the title might have been Quality dogs know where to find quality fish. They liked the attention they got from passers-by as they wait patiently.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

For sale 6 month old bitch fox red Labrador

We keep this pup as Anna had hand reared it as its mother didn't have enough milk for the whole litter. It did very well raised and is now ready to go to its new home.Should you know anyone who is looking for a grown up pup. She is very affectionate and will walk on a lead. She now lives outside but was housetrained when she lived inside so would not take long to get back into that mode again. we are looking for a loving permanent home for her.Maybe you are the right person to have her or know someone who is. I took this photo from the other side of the fence as she was very curious and think she wanted the camera for herself

Fox red Labrador pups

Well our litter "hatched" around 3 weeks ago. A very even numbered litter 5 girls and 5 boys.All like peas in a pod but puppies in a kennel. Mother and babies doing well. They have just started their weaning programme now and don't have to be shown twice where the food is. For now it is just sleep and eat and her you see Rubi-Sue and Martha checking to see they are ok. Martha was so excited to see them she didn't see the water dish and got rather wet

Brotherly love

Here you see 2 of our Labrador Youngsters chilling our in a rare moment of sunshine. And who said 2 aren't company. They are top mates - brother and sister. FTCH Ernvale Maud of Tudorcourt is on both sides of these pups pedigree. Maud was not only a FTCH but was the top retriever in Ireland in 2008. It will be interesting to see how these pups turn out . For the time being they are happy to chill out.

FTCH Kathmandu Ruadh of Donian

Anna headed north to Aberdeen taking Tara - Cuckavalda Touch of Gold. Looking for different blood lines we had found Roddy McBains FTCH fox red stud dog. After driving up through the night and a couple of hours sleep Anna and Tara landed on Roddy's doorstep rather early. A lovely morning and the sun shining down on Stonehaven but didn't have time to go fishing it was back on the road and back home for a late lunch. Tara was lined but it will be a few more weeks before we know if she is in pup. This photo doesn't actually do the sire justice but if you google him he is a very handsome dog.A lot redder than this photo but it is the only one we have.

Monday 8 April 2013

Tucking in...

Labrador puppies growing up so quickly are tucking into their dinners. They are now getting weaned and have small meals and often. By the time they are fully weaned they will be on 5 meals a day. They are also starting to wander out now when you go to them.They waddle out and got to the toilet before going back in to eat.They are very good at learning the house training lessons.The sire of them is Finn -Cuckavalda Bert and dam is first time mother- Leadburn Mabel. Her sire is FTCH Hillus Clyde and dam FTW Leadburn Tango. A non returnable deposit will secure a puppy.We are looking for loving permanent homes for these gorgeous pups

Loving the sunshine

It has been a long winter and now you can see it isn't just humans who enjoy relaxing in the sunshine. These pups were born just before Christmas.They are now enjoying half hour walks into the woods to develop their hunting instincts twice a day. The darkest red one with her eyes shut is the puppy we hand reared from bring a week old.Her mother had enough to do to rear the other 7 in the litter.She is as bright as a button and by 5 weeks old would go to the door to be let out to go- nearly house trained. It just shows the intelligence these pups have. The black girl is spoken for and going to her new home shortly.She was ordered on recommendation by someone who had bought one from us 3 years ago. Sindy,Nelly and Caz we are keeping .The bottom photo is of them having their afternoon siesta

Friday 29 March 2013

Leadburn Mabel with her pups

4 of each sex we could not have asked for a better mix . Mabel had her first litter 3 weeks ago and now the pups have had their first breakfast. It went down well. They are a nice even litter and she is a really good mother .Their pedigree is first class Mabel sire is FTCH Hillus Clyde -young Billy Steel jrn dog which was 4th in the IGLs .The dam was FTW Leaburn Tango which belongs to Billy Steel snr. Mabel was one of 11 pups and we go there at 7am one snowy morning to choose her.How do you choose which one ? as they were waiting for their breakfast it was a quick decision but we are very happy with our choice. The sire of the pups has proven Finn who's full title is Cuckavalda Bert. He is the dog who won a round of applause from the guns on a shoot day at Newburgh Priory this last season when he retrieved a pheasant across a pong broking ice all the way to get to it. Finn's sire is again from the Leadburn Kennels -this time Billy snr's FTCH Leadburn Viceroy who was the runner up and top dog in the IGLs in 2008. His dam. Willow, one of our beautiful fox red trio by FTCH Talsbrook Rhum of Bolton Abbey. His brother ,Boris,won 2 trials. So there you have the pedigree if you can follow all that. Anyway lovely pups who will soon be looking for permanent loving home whether for work or pet. One is already earmarked for going to Switzerland.

Monday 4 February 2013

2013 update

The shooting season has now finished and it is now time to get all those jobs done that there wasn't time to do during the last 6 months. We have Labrador puppies which were born just before Christmas and soon will be going to their new homes. The farthest afield this time so far is to Holland. They are doing well and despite the bad weather are raring to be out and about. They are now fully weaned. Due to back word we have couple now left.So if you had rung previously and we were not able to fix you up you might like to get in touch again