Saturday 10 April 2010

Seka Deer..

I have nearly finished tree planting, so wasn't too happy to see 4 Seka deer grazing a stone throw from the kitchen window. Although they look a lovely sight I know they can be very destructive and it is only a matter of time before they dine on my young Christmas trees. If Gerald had been here he would have had them in a pie by now. My main problem is they upset the dogs and they set them off to bark. Anyone got a couple of deer hounds going spare?. The Labrador pups went to Skeldale Vets this week for their second injections. I am going to keep them until the shooting season as there is always someone wanting a young dog to bring on.They are growing like mad now and enjoy exploring in the wood behind the house. they are too small to go out with the big dogs yet but it wont be too long till they join the happy band.

Friday 2 April 2010

Easter Weekend

It was -1 last night and driving wind today but at least I didn't have to dig a way out for the dogs to be exercised as Catherine Steel had told Anna on the phone that Billy had to set on and do. The snow had drifted so much around the shed door -about 4 foot deep in places with a covering of around 4 inches.We are lucky not to have had the snow although it is bitterly cold. So I set to work to find a job that would warm me up , I have been planting trees and bushes up in the woods that George and I went to Castle Howard nursery for last week . This week we went to get some fir trees from Thorpe Underwood. Then I cleared some of the rides up through the wood so it will make it easier to get to the top. Fiona brought little Owen for his Easter egg this afternoon. He showed great interest in the cat but when it came to see the two Labrador pups that I am keeping he wanted to be picked up. He likes to watch them eating their food and could not believe it had "all gone" so fast - that is Labradors for you