Tuesday 3 August 2021

What characters these Labrador pups are.

Wat a delight it was to have watch these pups grow. This is the "carry on" we had recently as they were going to the vets for their first injection and vet check before they went off to their new homes. As we started to load them, some decided it was just too boring waiting about, so off they went to explore the garden .And even though they go from short walks with Jack, they decided they didnt want to go for a ride out, but to play hid and seek amongst the flowers. Bang went the climbing sweet pea plant.It looked as if they had used it as a slide . Then they found a plant pot which Minty had been playing with and it was then who could run the fastest carrying it. Looked a bit like a rugby team in practice. Minty - the little cocker spaniel just didnt know what to make of them and as she is older bounded after then and played tag too. As she spends most of her life in the garden she took them round and round the centre bed and so by the time we managed to gather them all up there was some pink tongues hanging out. Finally they were loaded up and off they went. They all got clean bills of health so we were happy for them then to go. It was on to the telpehone to tell the new owners they could come. As we said goodbye to them and a quick ruffle and pat on their heads it was time for them to start the next big adventure in their lives. We can see one now tucking into a Devon cream tea and another meeting one of its relatives that went "down south" a few years ago. It most be all very strange for them to go from hearing Jacks grand Yorkshire accent to a fine one of Hampshire. It may take them a few days to understand what the new owner is saying. They are very laid back and we often get some of the owners contacting us to say how well they have settled in. Nine times out of ten laying stretched out on a new soft ,quite luxurious ,bed surrounded by toys of every shape,manner and form, dreaming of when they played with plant pots and sticks and dabbed their feet in the stream.