Sunday 4 August 2013

Shooting season is nearly upon us.

Doesn't see five minutes since the 2102-13 season finished. The dogs and Jack were both ready for a rest and now the dogs are all tuned up for the coming season. Whether Jack is that is a different matter.We have a few dogs to sell as when the shooting gets started it is long days and with a few less dogs around it makes things a bit easier.Always hard to make choices of which to sell. None have vices that aware of and you will find more details on the for sale page of the website.Any could go just as pets if anyone wished as they are all good natured and love the "settee" life if given half the chance. Here is a picture of Cuckavalda Sindy who has just gone to her new home .She is coming on very well with her training and is keen to learn so the new owners will find her easy to train and bring on