Friday 29 March 2013

Leadburn Mabel with her pups

4 of each sex we could not have asked for a better mix . Mabel had her first litter 3 weeks ago and now the pups have had their first breakfast. It went down well. They are a nice even litter and she is a really good mother .Their pedigree is first class Mabel sire is FTCH Hillus Clyde -young Billy Steel jrn dog which was 4th in the IGLs .The dam was FTW Leaburn Tango which belongs to Billy Steel snr. Mabel was one of 11 pups and we go there at 7am one snowy morning to choose her.How do you choose which one ? as they were waiting for their breakfast it was a quick decision but we are very happy with our choice. The sire of the pups has proven Finn who's full title is Cuckavalda Bert. He is the dog who won a round of applause from the guns on a shoot day at Newburgh Priory this last season when he retrieved a pheasant across a pong broking ice all the way to get to it. Finn's sire is again from the Leadburn Kennels -this time Billy snr's FTCH Leadburn Viceroy who was the runner up and top dog in the IGLs in 2008. His dam. Willow, one of our beautiful fox red trio by FTCH Talsbrook Rhum of Bolton Abbey. His brother ,Boris,won 2 trials. So there you have the pedigree if you can follow all that. Anyway lovely pups who will soon be looking for permanent loving home whether for work or pet. One is already earmarked for going to Switzerland.