Thursday 22 March 2012

Laid back Labradors

We had the safe arrival of some fox red puppies on Saturday. They are doing well and as there are only 2 girls in this small litter we have decided to keep them Already named as Betty and Flag. I expect you can guess why. Well they will be a lot of flag waving this year and felt Elizabeth was too long a name.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Fox red bitch Labrador pup

We had sold this fox red pup but unfortunately the lady who was getting it from her husband as a surprise has not been well and cant cope with it. They have brought it back to us to find a new home. Her sire is FTCH Leadburn Viceroy and her dam is by FTCH Talisbrook Rhum of Bolton Abbey. Both her parents have have low hip scores,eyes are clear and are PRA clear. She is KC reg and is micro chipped.She was vet checked when she had her first inoculations 10 days ago. We are looking to find her a permanent loving home. Here you see her enjoying the sunshine today. She is already showing the hunting instinct -nose down ready to go comes naturally as bother her parents are great gamefinders. She has now gone to her new home.

Minty - on her arm chair

Minty, the little chocolate cocker spaniel has a different idea on what we class as an armchair. She sits on Jacks arm. She is one of Flake's pups who has been brought up by us since 2 weeks old. Her brothers went last week and soon she will be going to the vets to be checked over and then be looking for a new home. She was reared on goat milk but now prefers to have what we have. So Jack leave a bit on his plate and she woofs it down.She really likes cheese,chicken and apple pie and custard. Her main playmates are our kittens. They all play togeterh very well and are very patient with her as she is getting to be a little minx. Chasing their tails and hanging on for dear life. She had a rough start but is certainly making up for it now