Monday 8 April 2013

Tucking in...

Labrador puppies growing up so quickly are tucking into their dinners. They are now getting weaned and have small meals and often. By the time they are fully weaned they will be on 5 meals a day. They are also starting to wander out now when you go to them.They waddle out and got to the toilet before going back in to eat.They are very good at learning the house training lessons.The sire of them is Finn -Cuckavalda Bert and dam is first time mother- Leadburn Mabel. Her sire is FTCH Hillus Clyde and dam FTW Leadburn Tango. A non returnable deposit will secure a puppy.We are looking for loving permanent homes for these gorgeous pups

Loving the sunshine

It has been a long winter and now you can see it isn't just humans who enjoy relaxing in the sunshine. These pups were born just before Christmas.They are now enjoying half hour walks into the woods to develop their hunting instincts twice a day. The darkest red one with her eyes shut is the puppy we hand reared from bring a week old.Her mother had enough to do to rear the other 7 in the litter.She is as bright as a button and by 5 weeks old would go to the door to be let out to go- nearly house trained. It just shows the intelligence these pups have. The black girl is spoken for and going to her new home shortly.She was ordered on recommendation by someone who had bought one from us 3 years ago. Sindy,Nelly and Caz we are keeping .The bottom photo is of them having their afternoon siesta