Monday 30 August 2010

Boots all the way from Arizona, America

Many thanks to Starr Stamp who has come to stay with us and to Liz of Healy's Red Wing Shoe Store -both who went out of their way to source me a new pair of Red Setter boots. Apparently Liz had to ring around as there was no size 14s left in their store as the Red Setter boots are very much in demand as it is the hunting season in America as well as over here. I have had my old pair nearly 2 years and they have walked a lot of miles on hard terrain as well as in all weathers but they have had their day and so I am now the owner of some very fine new boots. Anna had hoped we would have to go on a holiday to America to get a pair Thanks to Starr who brought them over I can stay put in England and Anna will have to go back to the drawing board on how to get me away on holidays. I think we live in the best part of the world so why do we need to go away. Hopefully it will be good weather tomorrow as Starr and her husband get their first taste of Yorkshire.

Monday 23 August 2010

First day at Dallowgill grouse moors for Cuckavalda Metal Vicereine

better known as Hidi -the black Labrador- she is sat her with her mother,Tina to her right and aunt,May to her left. Her family are no strangers to the grouse moor and no doubt her sire FTCH Leadburn Viceroy will be out on the moors around Leadhills in Lanarkshire today with his owner Billy Steel snr. Billy says a dog has to work for its supper not just be a pretty face and Hidi certainly took to the moors in her stride and we think a good looking dog. The heather is well kept up at Dallowgill but it certainly tests the stamina of the fittest of dogs. Hidi was born in March 2009. She is sister to the more well known Tara-Cuckavalda Touch of Gold. All safely home now and the older dogs will be getting rested up for another early start in the morning

Copperbirch Winnebeggo- Hip Hip Hooray.

This morning Skeldale Vets rang to say they had received Rollo's hip score back from the BVA. They are 2/2 so we are very pleased. Anna rang me at Dallowgill this morning on the grouse moor to tell me . It is like waiting for your A Level results to come through. So here Rollo will know be joining the University of Life as a stud dog . His eyes are tested clear and his hip score is very good too. Through his parentage -his sire is FTCH GREENBRIAR of DRAKESHEAD[3rd IGL 2006] and his dam who is IR FTCH ERNEVALE MAUD of TUDORCROFT -who was also top bitch in Ireland in 2008 -both parents are unaffected by TRD,GPRA,CPRA,HC- Rollo is PRED-PRA Clear. What is more he is a super looking dog with a keen nose and a lovely temperament. He was born in Ireland but can now call himself a true Yorkshire dog as he now understand all his commands in a Yorkshire accent

Thursday 19 August 2010

Billy Steel snr wins again.....

and another win for the Leadburn Gundogs. This time with his Irish bred dog Copperbirch Paddy who Catherine said went like a dream. This was Paddy's first trial and he came in first place. Not so much a dream as the reality of hard work and skill that this great man has in training his dogs. I saw Billy working Paddy earlier this year and was very impressed with how he hunted.
Paddy is 2 years old now and out of Irish FTCH Ernvale Maud who was Ireland's Retriever of the year 2008 . She is also the mother of our Rollo- Copperbirch Winnebeggo, who is just turned a year last month. So we are following both dogs with great interest.
What a wonderful result for Billy -the best birthday present a man could ask for -and lets hope there are many more and birthdays

Friday 13 August 2010

Magnificent Seven

What a difference the weather was today for the second day on Dallowgill grouse moors. The colour of the sky was distinctly grey as the rain came down in sheets. Talk about the rain in Spain -it was rain in North Yorkshire. The dogs didn't seem to mind, it certainly wasn't too hot for them which is sometimes a worry at this time of year. The heather is well maintained and the Labradors have the long legs to cope with the ling . Peg loves to go and Troy had his second day out. I took Hamish again -he is a strong dog and eager to please just over 2 years old and in his prime. Also the Three wise sisters,Tina,May and Willow. and what a picture they looked. Bess completed the seven.

Jack Peckitt and his Cuckavalda Gundogs on the Glorious Twelfth 2010

Thursday 12 August 2010

The Glorious twelfth

had hoped to upload a Youtube tonight as we have recorded the Glorious Twelfth for you to see -from setting off this morning to come home tonight. I took 7 dogs with me. May ,Tina ,Hamish and Rollo the Labradors,Troy and George the cockers and old timer Charlie the springer. Tomorrows another day when I will have a different crew with me. Quozzi was not amused she missed out today.