Sunday, 8 May 2022

Sunday afternoon

There is something about relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and it is no different for the dogs.When they are working they have the day off and just like us look forward or not to what lies ahead. But when you see how keen to jump into Jacks pickup you can only think they cant wait to get going . Sunday espcially on a day like today when the sun is shining and the grass is lush ,the birds are singing and all is right with the world. They all do their own thing .You will see how the cockers are up there jumping on to Jacks knee time and time again .Minty likes to play fight with anyone who will give her the time of day and see how she bobs under the Labradors on more than one occasion. Finn sits up the hill side watching his family enjoying the sunshine and letting the others get on with it .A little grey "round the gills" now but he is out there and knows the routine ... playtime,"Beck time" when they get for a drink and a splash about in the stream .-Jack dammed it up a long time ago and it certainly freshens them up, then it is home time. He is usually the last one out of the field and the first one into his kennel.For some reason that Anna doesn't know Tilly always makes a bee-line to her for that extra pat and as they move off she returns to make sure she too is following the pack. So now the dogs are fed,watered and settled down for the night. Again they all have their own pattern as while washing up their bowls and having a sweep up you look through the window and see some dogs are ready for bed and gone into their kennels .Others sit out to get the last rays of the sun.... nodding off. Another day over. Tomorrow is another day .

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Tragically and more..... Kindnesses from people we didn't even know

You may well remember seeing a post we put up on Facebook back in the middle of February and since then life has been little more than a blur. This is what it said "It is with a heavy heart, we would like you to know . Cuckavalda Gundogs have had a tragic accident around 4pm yesterday . A tree blow down taking a powerline of 11k vol with it which fell on the kennel block which electrified the runs. Unfortunately 13 dogs lost their lives. A full investigation is underway by Northern Power Grid . [That is what they said on the day] Jack ,Anna and Tom would like to thank everyone who have shown their concern and given help. And to Grace Lane Vets for coming out . At this time there is so much to do and things to sort so we ask that you do not telephone . This photo was taken only last week and very few of the black Labradors are still with us . There will not be a #FridayFavourite this week as we remember Cockers Troy Olive Labradors Guy, Goldie, Port, Dill, Dora, Rick, Cora, Polly, Tilly, Ivy and Rose RIP you beautiful creatures - all taken far too young - Aged between 7 months and 6 years" We are now into April and only last week on the 8th Friday did Northern Powergrid send 15 men out to fell 19 trees which had been looked at in Jan 2021.Then it had been deemed too dangerous to take down without having the power disconnected. Had this been done earlier we would still have had our beautiful dogs. Another factor was that the trip did not trip off. This meant that the wire was still live and endangering the dogs who were still living. Jack was very heroic, and himself very lucky he did not die along with the dogs. He got a pitch fork which had metal tines and stabbed them into a 5 litre container, the sort you get car wash fluid in. He then lifted the live cable, which was still carrying 11k volts, above his head for over 30 minutes until Anna went down the village and brought Kevin the elctrician back. He had just been in hospital and was on crutches, but he came down. He suggested we got a dry tyre and lay it on the metal run to earth the power.Jack carefully slid the plastic container and the pitch fork on to the tyre so he could step away from it. The container was about 14 inches across and as it was so windy was only about 2 inches from been blown off as he had managed under us saying tilt it that way a bit, not the other etc into the middle but the weather was against us. There were sparks and flames jumping across the yard and it was a very scary time. There has been many nights of unbroken sleep and plates of food uneaten as we try to come to terms with what has happened . We have been comforted by acts and words of kindness . Over 56k comments which came in so quickly from all over the world Anna couldnt keep up to thank people of which there was over 4 millions viewing on Facebook alone. The computer basically locked up. Flowers came in from all around the globe and cards and letters. Offers or help and suport have helped so much. It was approx 8 weeks from the accident to when the trees got took out so the dogs we had left had to be in temporary accommodation. They all adapted well and give Jack a reason to get up in the mornings. You can read on Cuckavalda Facebook page what has been happening since that fateful day but we sincerley hope our future posts will be more upbeat. Minty has been a God's send as she is Jacks shadow and trot after him. They have deep conversations you wouldnt believe !

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Gundog training: seen and marked retrieves

The black Labrador is the one which Jack bred many moons ago . ALways nice to see how they progress. Thank you Keith for this video

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

What characters these Labrador pups are.

Wat a delight it was to have watch these pups grow. This is the "carry on" we had recently as they were going to the vets for their first injection and vet check before they went off to their new homes. As we started to load them, some decided it was just too boring waiting about, so off they went to explore the garden .And even though they go from short walks with Jack, they decided they didnt want to go for a ride out, but to play hid and seek amongst the flowers. Bang went the climbing sweet pea plant.It looked as if they had used it as a slide . Then they found a plant pot which Minty had been playing with and it was then who could run the fastest carrying it. Looked a bit like a rugby team in practice. Minty - the little cocker spaniel just didnt know what to make of them and as she is older bounded after then and played tag too. As she spends most of her life in the garden she took them round and round the centre bed and so by the time we managed to gather them all up there was some pink tongues hanging out. Finally they were loaded up and off they went. They all got clean bills of health so we were happy for them then to go. It was on to the telpehone to tell the new owners they could come. As we said goodbye to them and a quick ruffle and pat on their heads it was time for them to start the next big adventure in their lives. We can see one now tucking into a Devon cream tea and another meeting one of its relatives that went "down south" a few years ago. It most be all very strange for them to go from hearing Jacks grand Yorkshire accent to a fine one of Hampshire. It may take them a few days to understand what the new owner is saying. They are very laid back and we often get some of the owners contacting us to say how well they have settled in. Nine times out of ten laying stretched out on a new soft ,quite luxurious ,bed surrounded by toys of every shape,manner and form, dreaming of when they played with plant pots and sticks and dabbed their feet in the stream.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Quozzi the 2nd ...

We dont think anyone can ever replace Quozzie, so for the moment this little lass hasnt got a name. She was amazing today as tucked into her second Yorkshire pudding. She raided the cats dish which had part of a sausage roll in and is very partical to cheese puffs. As she was the smallest and her mum had a big litter she was our Aga baby .But now spends most of her time in the living room and it quite happy to rule the roost in there. And no she didnt eat all the meat from the T-bone steak ,which I must say Jack really enjoyed,
thanks to Frank Turners butchers from Rillington. Frank has been a family friend from the year dot and if we are going passed always drop in if they are open. And very nice pork pies too. Pup with no name likes to watch televison and is such a happy little soul. One night we didnt bother lighting a fire and as it was getting a bit nippy she wasnt so daft. Jack has to watch out with his big feet he doesnt stand on her and she blends in very well with the sofa. And there she had pushed her way under the cover that had slipped down with just her nose peeping out .

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

A little life

Ever wondered what it is like to own your own miniature living teddy bear.In fact she is a cocker spaniel. This takes us back to when we hand reared Quozzi. This little mite hasn't got a name yet. To call her a runt is unkind ,she was just tiny and as Molly has had a big litter she has done very well to look after her other babies . This is our Aga baby who has been raised on the Aga.She is such a little character now and makes her way now into the living room and still like a bottle at bedtime . Sometimes she sleeps in Jacks sheepskin slippers and also have found her snuggled up with him on the sofa .But this is one when she snuggled up as she fell asleep watching the computer

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Sleep peacefully dear Tina

Most of our dogs retire to a life of luxury and Tina was one of those. She was so special .She was our first fox red Labrador and the start of Cuckavalda along with her sisters May and later Willow. Both her sisters have passed in the last year. Reckon they went to suss things out Heaven out for their big sister. She was the biggest and strongest of the 3. Very protective of her young, but the gentlest dog with those she loved and loved her. Her proper name was Jakoranda Moment and came from the Peel family. Jack had always wanted to call his first born child Tina, but it didn't happen so felt apted when naming his first Labrador to call her Tina .The sister who came with her was May, well it was the month of May so it made sense. Willow came a few months later and was already called Willow so we stuck with it. Tina was the mother of the first Labrador pups we had and from that litter of 8, we kept Tara and Hidi. Unfortuanalety Hidi is no longer here . Tara is still going strong carrrying the genes of her mother and lives in 5 star luxury not too far from us. May had a litter the following year and Finn was one of her pups who is also a dog in a million and still going strong.He still works and sires puppies .He turned 11 this year but is getting a few white whiskers now. While Willow didnt have any puppies until she was 5. It is always sad to lose our pets.So our thoughts go out tonight to Denny McAllister and her husband Ross. - who locals will know as Denise Auger, who's mum used to own the White Horse in Ampleforth. Her grandparents lived in this house. Anna went to school with Denise and they had been friends now for over 60 years. So when it came a time to retire Tina it just seems a right match. We were regularly sent photos of her sat on the settee and lazing in the garden. Truly loved and so well look after we couldnt have asked for more. Often we get emails asking for our retirees. But they dont just go anywhere. Some people think they have a right ...goodness knows why as we dont know them or anything to do with them or havent come through someone we know .Why would we entrust our dogs to someone we dont know. Just because they may work at a posh place or know the inside out and outside in of a dog ,that doesnt cut the cloth with us. Here are a few photos showing Tina through her life.