Sunday 25 February 2024

New life ...

2 years ago we lost our 13 beloved dogs but they say every cloud has a silver lining . Our silver lining came in the fact that 2 weeks ago we had a litter of 6 beautiful fox red Labradors and this week - 4 days later so we were on tenderhooks a litter of 9 a mix of black and fox red Labradors. Another twist to this story is the mother of the mixed litter was concieved just a week before we lost the others . We had bred her mother and sold Sky and her brother as puppies to a lady who then came back to us use one of our stud dogs. We then bought 3 black girls out of this litter as we were worried we would lose our lines to keep out blood lines going. Jack calls them all Willow but there is Chloe who really is now called Willow , Sky and as she was black in colour and at that time the skies felt really black and Abbie after Byland Abbey. The first litter now have their eyes open and crawling about ,the second litter are just like tiny puppies are drinking and sleeping. So apologies to all of you who are waiting to see the puppies. Time seems to go by so quickly. One is already earmarked to go to the top of Scotland . The people have had 3 already from us but sadly lost one and have been very patient waiting for this litter to arrive. They got their last in lock down so it made for us a nice trip out to meet the lady half way. We had to pass a red squirrel area on the way but unfortunately didnt see any but it was a nice ride out,

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