Saturday 9 July 2022

New additions to the Cuckavalda Gang

Our #FridayFavourites making them #SaturdaySpecials as these are the ones we are building back up our Cuckavalda Gang .Heeling up already with Minty in charge Youngest cockers are 7 weeks old . We were very touched that when we lost the 13 dogs in the accident that people, some we didnt even know got in touch and offered to give us a pup from their litter .It was just not one person but many .People were so kind and we feel so humbled by this and will never forget it.As much as we were truly grateful for their offers, we needed to keep our own blood lines which made us who we are today. So Peg and Molly the cocker spaniels have given us Lucy,Blue and Twig .You will see 3 black Labradors too These were not actually bred by us but we bought them from the lady who bought a Cuckavalda Labrador from us 3 years ago and had just mated her with one of our stud dogs the week beofre the accident happened. We were keen to jave some as Guy is the grandfather, he was one who died. So as we started with 3 fox red Labrador pups many years ago we now start 20 years later with 3 - Well it was going to be 2 but Anna came home with an extra one as it seemed only right as a nod to the orginal 3. 2 have collars on as trust us 3 black Labradors are very hard to tell apart. So here we have Chloe- who we didnt name.. and Sky and Abbey. You will also see Minty out with them and Lucy too. We have to look to the future.