Wednesday 30 March 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon....

A sunny afternoon and 4 pups to keep my eye on .They really enjoy romping about in the field. It is all part of growing up for them as they play around and take on board everything around.Here they are taking a rest.Two of them had been alerted to a pheasant calling .They now walk the length of two fields.Mabel went exploring a bit too much one day. Fortunately Jack was at hand to help her as she ran head first into a water trough. Her adventure doesn't seem to have worried her. She was soon happily running about again.

Monday 14 March 2011

Welcome to Leadburn Mabel

We were early visitors this morning at Billy Steels' when we called to pick up a pup from his litter out of his FTW Leadburn Tango and sired by Billy sons dog FTCH Hillius Clyde. Anna has always fancied a dog with FTW Jacob Bogdami of Leadburn in the breeding. What a lively litter they are -all 11 of them. Billy certainly has his hands full with them. What a credit they are to him. Quite like peas in a pod. Mabel travelled well and although she is a week younger than the ones we are keeping she is quite "at home" with them. Out and about exploring she will soon be ruling the roost and showing the 3 boys who is the boss. Lets hope it wont be long before Mabel is very ABLE.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Optigen PRA tests

We were happy to get notification from America this morning from Optigen that Willow -Jakoranda Feel the Moment and Hidi- Cuckavalda Metal Vicereine's blood tests have come back clear after being tested for PRA. This is good news and Willow's litter which she had last April will also be show all clear too as she was lined with FTCH Leadburn Viceroy who had already had his tests done. It is now getting more known about these Optigen tests.

Sunday 6 March 2011

Pups ready to go

This weekend we have had Labrador pups go to Northumberland,Cumbria and the little fox red girl is on her way to France. As you know we are keeping a fox red dog for ourselves / There are 2 black dog pups unsold if anyone is interested as people have given us back word . Just give us a ring for further details. If they are not sold in a week or two Jack is going to keep them. If they turn out like Tara,Hidi.Blade and Finn we will be glad that we kept them but as you know we cant keep them all. Here they are out with Jack . Even now at 7 weeks old they are already heeling up and following him and picking up and carried little twigs in their mouths.