Thursday 18 November 2010

First sight of snow

We took May one of our fox red Labrador bitch up to Billy Steel snr's Leadburn Kennels to use his stud dog FTCH Leadburn Viceroy. It was very windy and rained most of the way up. We turned off the A74 and travelled through the hills to get to Leadhills. The snow was still laid although I think it had been a lot more a day or so before. The stream - a burn in Scotland -that runs along side the road was in full flow and it was degrees colder up there. The warmth of the Steels kitchen and hospitality was far more warming. We sat and put the world to rights before departing to travel south again. It looks as if we will not be going on holiday in Feb after all much to a certain persons disappointment and that person is not me I am quite happy to stop at home with the dogs.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Shooting at Carr House Farm and the Cuckavalda Gundogs- November 2010

Shooting and Home

Had a grand day. Started off with breakfast at home -this was my second breakfast which was at 9am . My first breakfast had been 3 hours earlier. There was plenty of birds and even more shots.Although I took a gun after the first drive I worked the dogs and Anna took charge of the gun . She reckoned she had shared a bird with Did Thompson and they are both sticking to that story. Finished the day down at the White Horse in Ampleforth with good company and good beer.
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Friday 5 November 2010

Young Labrador dogs

I am very pleased with how the young dogs are shaping up . They have been out with me picking up and the main thing to ascertain is that they are not gun shy.With the best breeding in the world it can happen or if they are introduce too suddenly . I start them off with an air gun noise and gain their confidence before taking them anywhere near a shoot gun. Then I keep well back picking up birds that have gone a long way back . The same with introducing them to water.There is no need to force them and to take older dogs to lead the way is a good idea as they dont like to think they are getting left behind. Here you see them taking to the water seeing who can get to the fallen bird first.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Sleet on them there moors at Dallowgill

It wasn't the nicest day to be up on Dallowgill Moors today. It was bleak and from the set off it was driving rain which turned to sleet and a biting wind. After the first drive they were 120 birds off getting 4,000 brace this season. Every drop of rain seemed to prick the skin and Quozzi took shelter under a boulder. The Labradors are made of stronger stuff but they were glad when the day was over. Here you see them getting blown in the wind.Me -I was wet to the bone. Everything is now hung round the Aga drying off. The dogs dried off on the way home and had a good feed. As for me I was glad to jump into the bath,have a good roast dinner and spend the rest of the night in front of the fire. Apparently here at home the weather was fine but the wind must be blowing from the west as we are getting the stormy weather now.