Thursday 11 January 2024

Happy New Year with news from America

Occasionally we do a google search to see what is happening in our Cuckavalda World to see where our dogs are and what they are doing now and their offspring . So it was interesting to read this from Mississippi Ross is his nick name, His Kennel Club official name is Cuckavalda Yorkshire Teal who is a FTW - He is the result of a lining between Copperbirch Winnebego - Rollo and Jakoranda Moment which was our orginal Tina. Born back in 2014. This is what his owners say about him Ross is a Fox Red, Field Trial Winner that we imported from England. He has 30 Field Trial Champions and 11 Field Trial Winners in his five generation pedigree. His confirmation is excellent. he has a wide head, wide shoulders and an otter tail. Ross has an excellent nose and as evidenced by his natural game finding ability. He has picked hundreds if not thousands of birds and rabbits in the United Kingdom. Ross is a welcomed addition to our breeding cadre.
His daughter is USA Gemma Gemma Red of Muddy March “Gem”, is a fox red bitch that was whelped here at the kennel. Her sire is FTW Cuckavalda Yorkshire Teal “Ross” and her dam is Mossy Oaks Daisy. Gemma is representative of the British standard, she has a wide head, wide shoulders, and an otter tail. In other words, she has excellent conformation. She is steady to shot and fall and fast out and fast in on the retrieve.

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