Monday, 6 May 2019

From the news desk

It is always nice to hear from people who have bought pups or dogs from us.
Some it is their first one they have got from us .Some people buy two at once and now over the years people are on to their third .
As Jack spends a lot of time with them before they go it is nice to see his time and effort is rewarded by these dogs coming with such wonderful recommendations.

Jack rarely answers the phone and as you know on the phone to those who have managed to speak to him is a man of few words. Different when you met him face to face.
You will never get any responses from him via the computer or social media - he thinks a mouse is what the cat brings in and he doesn't even have a mobile phone.

So I am afraid you will always get me in any reply to an email -Anna - and sometimes when I have to juggle all the jobs I do - my bed and breakfast ,keep an eye and cook meals for my dad who is 96, I am on the Leader board project for the NYMNP and a board member at Welcome 2 Yorkshire and project leader at Helmsley Walled Garden so please bear with me.  And sometimes I have to go to London to awards or to Westminster for meetings about tourism and the Northern power house  .And that is something that Jack would not like to do at all .

But we work as a team and when they says horses are for courses we should maybe be changed to dogs for courses ..

I dont get round to doing blogs as often as I should but do appreciate all the emails you send with lovely photos of your canine friends.
So here are a few to keep you going.

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