Sunday, 30 May 2021

Quozzi the 2nd ...

We dont think anyone can ever replace Quozzie, so for the moment this little lass hasnt got a name. She was amazing today as tucked into her second Yorkshire pudding. She raided the cats dish which had part of a sausage roll in and is very partical to cheese puffs. As she was the smallest and her mum had a big litter she was our Aga baby .But now spends most of her time in the living room and it quite happy to rule the roost in there. And no she didnt eat all the meat from the T-bone steak ,which I must say Jack really enjoyed,
thanks to Frank Turners butchers from Rillington. Frank has been a family friend from the year dot and if we are going passed always drop in if they are open. And very nice pork pies too. Pup with no name likes to watch televison and is such a happy little soul. One night we didnt bother lighting a fire and as it was getting a bit nippy she wasnt so daft. Jack has to watch out with his big feet he doesnt stand on her and she blends in very well with the sofa. And there she had pushed her way under the cover that had slipped down with just her nose peeping out .

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