Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Sleep peacefully dear Tina

Most of our dogs retire to a life of luxury and Tina was one of those. She was so special .She was our first fox red Labrador and the start of Cuckavalda along with her sisters May and later Willow. Both her sisters have passed in the last year. Reckon they went to suss things out Heaven out for their big sister. She was the biggest and strongest of the 3. Very protective of her young, but the gentlest dog with those she loved and loved her. Her proper name was Jakoranda Moment and came from the Peel family. Jack had always wanted to call his first born child Tina, but it didn't happen so felt apted when naming his first Labrador to call her Tina .The sister who came with her was May, well it was the month of May so it made sense. Willow came a few months later and was already called Willow so we stuck with it. Tina was the mother of the first Labrador pups we had and from that litter of 8, we kept Tara and Hidi. Unfortuanalety Hidi is no longer here . Tara is still going strong carrrying the genes of her mother and lives in 5 star luxury not too far from us. May had a litter the following year and Finn was one of her pups who is also a dog in a million and still going strong.He still works and sires puppies .He turned 11 this year but is getting a few white whiskers now. While Willow didnt have any puppies until she was 5. It is always sad to lose our pets.So our thoughts go out tonight to Denny McAllister and her husband Ross. - who locals will know as Denise Auger, who's mum used to own the White Horse in Ampleforth. Her grandparents lived in this house. Anna went to school with Denise and they had been friends now for over 60 years. So when it came a time to retire Tina it just seems a right match. We were regularly sent photos of her sat on the settee and lazing in the garden. Truly loved and so well look after we couldnt have asked for more. Often we get emails asking for our retirees. But they dont just go anywhere. Some people think they have a right ...goodness knows why as we dont know them or anything to do with them or havent come through someone we know .Why would we entrust our dogs to someone we dont know. Just because they may work at a posh place or know the inside out and outside in of a dog ,that doesnt cut the cloth with us. Here are a few photos showing Tina through her life.


  1. Tina was obviously loved and cherished by all who knew her. She is a beautiful dog and will never be forgotten. May her momeries bring smiles and joy always. Thank you all for loving her so well. Run free beautiful girl, one of Heaven's best, with old friends and new. Until you meet again one day. 🐾🌹🌈